19 comments on “Wicked (Singapore)

  1. Hi Chico! Totally agree with ya — We also saw Wicked over the holidays, and were also very impressed with the production! But what a nerve-wracking ride from the airport! Hahaha!

  2. Hi will be staying at marina bay sands this feb and im planning to watch this with my friend. Which seats are good? Thanks!

  3. You know when i watched it with my cousin i was like dumbstruck with how brilliant Jemma Rix, David Harris and Sussie Mathers in all the numbers they did… i even told the SgRushers that i dont mind watching it again… and i might watch it again before it ends this february with my other friends.

    Actually when you reached the Grand theater, Maan_taj and i was there waiting for you guys and we did actually managed to have a glance of you and babywhale. Since you requested for your privacy we didnt approach you and there’s no time to mingle as you are already in queue.

    Anyway see you soon.

  4. kainggit! i watched The Lion King last year at the Marina Bay Sands so i’m still hesitant to go back to Singapore just to watch Wicked… but because of this it just might happen, you never know…

  5. All the people who have watched this musical with a certain opinion going into it… ALWAYS come out LOVING it. Aside from the spectacular score, acting and set design, it’s the story which impressed me the most; and how they tied it to “The Wizard of OZ” so seamlessly. Highly recommended, is an understatement. 🙂 It’s a show which all demographics; young, old, male, female (or whatever in between) are sure to enjoy. 🙂

  6. Chico, is this an American cast? I hope they bring Wicked here as well. I remember when i went to RX once and talked to Delle about the show. She also kept telling me to watch it live when i can, and despite having a video of the show, im still dying to see it live! I have a video of the original broadway cast on my ipod and laptop that i can watch to everytime i want but whenever i watch it, it always feels like the first time. I’m glad you finally saw (and realized) what a great musical Wicked is. I couldn’t agree more… especially the part when you wrote “It’s the primal theme of being judged for what you are on the outside, as opposed to being appreciated for the unexplored beauty inside.” This is sooooooooo true; which is also why i love Wicked and will always do. Thanks for sharing, Chico! 🙂

  7. By the time the rumours that Wicked will have a run here in Singapore, I was very excited. I always thought I had to go to Broadway or West End just to watch this (which will take a long time hehe), but imagine my happiness when it was finally announced that they will have a show here! I can’t get over this musical. One of my faves. 😀

  8. My friends and I are going to watch it this February. I was looking forward to it already, more so now that I’ve read your rave review. 🙂 Can’t wait.

  9. Well said, Chico.
    I was a Fanticipating Wicked before I watched the show. After watching, I was overwhelmed. They were really good especially Jemma Rix (but you were right in your comment to Delle – or is it Delle comment in TMR, that she have some similarities with Idina Menzel, but is so eerie that they got actors that have similarities with original cast – facial features, voices, etc). We watched it Christmas eve, and it was a great Christmas present for both my sister and me. 🙂

    @danceempress…this is the Australian cast

  10. thanks for the review! we’ll be watching it for our anniversary this february…sayang hindi tayo sabay nanuod…i am more excited now after reading your blog entry.

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  12. Because of your review, I got curious so I finally watched it. And I was mesmerized. Ang ganda grabe!!!

  13. Stalls seats are highly recommended. We watched it in A Reserve (front sides and the area right behind the emerald area) which are priced at SGD165 because we found the emerald seats (front center) at SGD 250 very expensive. Try to get aisle seats from Rows L maybe up to Row P. Show will run up to April 22 Great show, impressive production!

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