17 comments on “Ricky Lo On The Top 10 Book In The Philippine Star!

  1. We loved your book but we got a misprint we had pages missing in our issue. We missed pages 160 until 176.:( I already threw away my national bookstore receipt so I can’t return it.

  2. congratulations C&D! i get excited reading this article (favorite-d na). feeling close ba na parang superfriends ko kayo at proud ako sa inyo. potion tlga tong top10; bumili ako ng kopya ng book at laugh trip pa din kahit puro replay lang to at karamihan narinig ko ng live, ilang beses ko pang ni-replay sa podcast!! 😀 THANKS for the fun, year in year out!

  3. good lord, even Nicole-hiyala is using some of the funny entries in her morning show.
    I know, i know i should be listening to TMR but it was my driver who was listening to Balahura (funny rin naman in a masa kind of way).

  4. i bought the book last dec and gave it to my friend who works in SG. Last Sat, I went to Natl Bookstore Gbelt 1 to buy another copy since my friend from US arrived and she used to be an avid listener. I looked around and didnt find a copy unitl I heard the saleslady yelled if there was any Chico & Delamar still available since a guy was asking for it. I smiled to myself upon hearing somebody else was looking for it. It was out of stock. I then thought of going to Powerbooks and was thinking of telling the person but I thought, if there’s 1 copy available, then it could be a problem. So off I went with my helpfulness (he he) and went to PB but there was none as well. I asked if they could check other branches -and Glenn (the supervisor) was able to find and reserve at Glorietta 5. So it was quite a long walk coming from GB but I was relieved to get it, and marami pa books available. How i wished I told the guy..but if he’s resourceful then he should be able to get a copy 😉 Grabe, true to what you say, it was selling like hotcakes

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