9 comments on “Can Men And Women Be JUST Friends?

  1. Unless your friend from the opposite sex prefer the same sex he/she has.. Makes me think about my close guy friends are gay.. Although the straight guys that I’m sure that are not interested in me is one foot away from being a close friend.. But a friend nonetheless..

  2. That is interesting. I wonder if the results or answers would be the same for the other age brackets, economic stature and cultures. The demographics I mean. I have a feeling the result would be different.

  3. By observation and experience… my answer is Yes and its up to (women) to say if men can cross the friendship zone or not. So it is still yes, especially if the person they have asked is already committed to someone (not necessarily married).
    Perfect example would be you and Del / you (Chichi) and Gigi…

  4. “a guy and a girl can be just friends but one point or another, they will fall for each other. maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late or maybe forever.” – Dave Matthews

  5. You should feature this crazy video. Filipino Model Sebastian Castro just posted his coming out video yesterday, which was his birthday

    Its already garnering like 4,000hits after just a day since he posted it. He posted it on his facebook: facebook.com/sebastianslife

  6. Hmmm… nice clip. But don’t necessarily believe in the conclusion. The variables are too narrow, methinks. #nerdy. =)

  7. So Chico, you and Delle should be the ones to answer this question…

    As for me, I’ve “fallen” for a lot of female “friends” but there are a couple who have remained simply my friends… with no malice or anything like that.

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