76 comments on “The Morning Rush With Chico And Delamar And Gino!!!

  1. the new and improved KIKAY BARKADA is now less kikay because of Delle! It’s a good thing! Welcome back Delle and Gino na rin (because he bid goodbye na last Friday) TMR Forever!!! \m/

  2. waking up this morning with you saying good morning… long pause then del says good morning then enter gino… all i can say was…. Oh NO lol welcome back Del hahahaha
    and keep the threesome please ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. nice to here that! now i am more excited listening to you guys. nakakawala ng homesick, nakakalibang at nakakaaliw. sarap makinig lalo na pagnagsnow dito sa Calgary Canada.

  4. First of all, welcome back Delle. This morning’s episode was a good start for the new TMR crew.

    As much as some “purists” would like Gino out to retain the original tandem of C&D, I personally do not mind Gino being added to the mix. Hey, at least we’ll still have the Epic Rap-offs, and this time Delle’s gonna be in it.

    Awesome times.

  5. so happy the moment i heard c&d + ginoboi on air.. i hope the trio will last…perfect morning show! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. hooray to rxtmr!!!
    ill be so hooked..
    rxtmr is my weekdays breakfast..
    listening to u guys keeps me awake
    more power..
    thanks to the management to RX 93.10

  7. I am so happy that Gino will be a permanent figure in The Morning Rush! It is a welcome addition and will definitely will make our mornings happier with the 3 of you on board. Welcome back Delle and thank you for making Gino stay. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. who would have thought that after 15 years of the dynamic duo will now become a threesome? so be it and i couldn’t think of anyone else among the pinchitters of TMR na talagang pumasa sa maselang panlasa ng mga rushers kundi si Gino lang, other than Bradley ofcourse! sabi nga – over over na ito!!! welcome back Delle and long live TMR!

  9. Yaaay!! I soo happy!! Welcome back delle and hiyaa there gino!! My mornings are gonna be extra crazy!!! I love it! Thanks rx management’ u da besst!!

  10. OMG! SO HAPPY! my three fave djs in one epic show, ewan ko na lang anong mangyayari sa umaga nming mga rushers baka ideretso na tlga kami sa mental :))

    anyway, good luck to new and improved RXTMR!!! โค

    • Word. Am I the only one in the world who cannot stand Chichi and Gigi? Ibalik ang Chico and Delamar!!! Patalsikin na yung Gino. Walang talent at di naman nakakatawa. Face it, nandyan lang yan dahil sa FACE nya.

      • I agree…

        TMR is now one of those shows supporting the “i’m tanga and I think it’s cute and cool”


        “hey it’s cool to be walang alam sa mundo”

        Saddest news ever… I stopped listening the day del left now I was hoping for the torture to end …. It became permanent pa.


  11. Welcome back Delle, and am so glad, Gino will be with you and Chico going forward. =) Hindi ko masyadong ma-take ang Chichi and Gigi alone, walang referee/MTRCB reminder… haha. =)

  12. The hubby and I have been fans of the morning rush for the past 11 years. Chichi and Gigi was quite a funny tandem and even when we’re arguing, you guys would say something that would make us both laugh. Good luck with the new trio!

  13. Welcome back del! ๐Ÿ™‚

    No pressure to Gino pero mukha naman may chemistry kung C+D+G. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    TMR rules!

  14. looking forward for another year of you guys. More power to the new team! Thanks RX 93.1 for perking our mornings wonderfully!

  15. I prefer it when it was just chico and del. As much as i like gino, i think sometimes his air of negativity and immaturity is not suited to tmr. I really miss the old tmr…

  16. ngayon ko lang nakita post na ‘to… i really like the idea na trio sila… may mga negastar talaga… if you dont like gino, say it with manners…or better yet, tune in to other station na lang.

  17. Ibalik ang Chico and Delle tandem.

    Gino has the annoying tendency and habit of hogging the limelight.

    May pagka know-it-all pa siya, madalas palasak at very pedestrian naman ang mga kuro-kuro niya.

    Ok lang siguro kung once or twice a week na trio (ala Brad Turvey days), pero five days a week na kababawan ni Gino? Majorn Turn-off

  18. i find it more appealing when it was only del and chico. i actually do not like gino. feeling ko, natatalsikan ako ng laway nya when he talks. today, i tried to listen again pero iba talaga. parang it is too crowded, too loud. more talk na hindi naman nakakatawa, less music, more i-know-it-all-and-the-two-of-you-should-shut-up. i think del and chico are so polite that they let the “humor” of gino take the air. well.. prang wala ng pinagkaiba sa balahura at balasubas.. only in english nga lang. note to self –>need to download music to usb para sa morning drive. >.<

  19. i love the trio! for those who hate it, i respect that. you cant please everybody… pero syempre di porket di mo gusto eh kailangan ung opinion mo na ang masunod. remember di lang para sayo ang TMR it’s for everyone, whether old or NEW listeners. mostly kasi sa complaint na nakita ko – mga dati nang loyal rushers, eh pano naman mga bago? especially mga new silent rushers like me.. change is inevitable learn to adjust and adapt, peace.

  20. Hi, I am new here..Would like to know if you guys “The Trio” do hosting for wedding receptions? ^_^


  21. Mas riot ang TMR sa pagpasok ni Gino. Change is inevitable kaya kayong mga so-called TMR “purists”, tanggapin niyo na lang na bahagi na ng Kikay Barkada si Gino. Please be happy na lang for RX93.1 and for Chico and Delamar. :-))

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