16 comments on “Myth Universe (A Not-Quite-A-Movie-Review Of “Immortals”)

  1. Maybe your a Demi-God….son of Hermes. I read he has the most number of sons and daughters.
    Seriously, have you read Percy Jackson books? Try it. Although there’s a chance you may not like it since you know too much about Greek myth

  2. have you read PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS series? ok, it’s a tweens series, but it’s kind of like harry potter but with greek gods. you might find it entertaining. i, myself, have always had a fascination for roman/greek (and egyptian) mythology. the first book might be a little dragging, but it gets better.

    • Percy Jackson and The Olympians series has a new set of series where Greek Mythology crosses over with Roman Mythology but I think the series is not yet over. The new series is “The Heroes of Olympus” I think. 😀

  3. Ako diiinn! I read Edith Hamilton from cover to cover several times over. I remember in high school sa Speech and Drama class namin one of the plays we did was Pygmalion and Galatea lol feel na feel ko

  4. I am still under the spell of the grandeur that is reading Greek, Roman, and even Norse Mythology! I bought my copy like, 8 years ago, and I’m still hooked!

  5. aww. i started reading edith hamilton’s mythology when i was in grade 6. nakita ko lang sya inaagnas na sa bahay ng relative, and i was bored during that visit so i started reading hanggang inuwi ko na. super love that book. it was not required reading samin back in high school, sayang kase by then memorized ko na sya. i’m sure it’s still here stashed away somewhere in this house 😀

  6. yes mythology is one of the best things that ever happened to me… toinks!

    havent read Percy Jackson though i watched the movie. Preferred the Clash of the Titans over Percy.

  7. I don’t like the Percy Jackson series. It’s like Harry Potter, where instead of the “houses” you were categorized based on who your parents are (so you’re among your half-siblings). I just don’t like the idea, too much meddling with mythology. And not even in a good way. Meh.

  8. Hi Chico!

    I always visit your blog but this is the first time I’m posting a comment. My husband and friends have always been amazed at how much I know about Greek Mythology. Thanks to Mareng Edith Hamilton, reading Greek Mythology have always been an absorbing activity for me! I am especially fascinated with the story of Cupid and Psyche!


  9. I have those exact books too! Awwww, takes me back to my childhood when I was a young starfish… :))

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