8 comments on “Losers.

  1. Was bullied in highschool, the boys in my class thought it was funny to lock me in the boy’s restroom. All because they thought i was lame coz i was a new kids on the block fan

  2. Yeah. I agree with you. I got bullied by people not involve in another argument with another individual. Though I don’t spill the beans on who shall not be named I know a few bullies online.

    Some of them feel high and mighty claiming to be someone when the truth is they are merely losers. The best therapy to beat them in their game is prove them wrong through your abilities and just be true to yourself.

  3. There was attempted bullying on me back in high school until they realized that I wasn’t letting them have their way on me.

  4. a lot has been said about bullying but what is not being said is that whether people would care to admit it or not, kids who are bullied tend to look like they are bully-able. yup, its hard to accept but its out there.

    so what to do?

    don;t cuddle your kids too much. parents who tend to be TOO involved in school and in their communities have kids that are targeted by buillies for that same reason.

    expose your kids to other activities. if this happens, chances are theiir social circle will grow. experience tells us that if kids are in a group, bullies do not necessarily feel that they can have their way with these other kids. also the vibe they give out is that “i am confident” and there’s nothing wrong with me.

    as a teacher, we can only do as much as we can. parents should be reminded that much as we spend a lot of time with their kids, the kids that come to us were formed by them and the kind of foundation that they lay on their kids have a LOT to do if their kid is a bully, a bystander or the bully victim.

  5. Hey Chico, I totally agree with you. The bullying experience will never go away (I should know… I fake being sick just to avoid them in school) but I think you would agree that somehow, it gets better…I never believed that being bullied is a right of passage because frankly no one has the right to treat you like you’re a good for nothing…

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