10 comments on “The Hunger Games

  1. Chichi you have to read it now! Demanding? Hahaha. It’s really goooooooood and it might shoo away your hallucinations about owls flying above your windshield inviting you to Hogwarts! I kid!

  2. Read the book Chico it’s really addicting. I think you will like it. Finished the three books already. Can’t wait for the movie!!

  3. OHMYGOSH! i didn’t know you liked THG too! i hope you get to read it soon (as in before the movie comes out) because its a really good book 😀 the first installment gets you hooked right on the first chapter 😉 enjoy reading! ^^

    and wasn’t the trailer just awesome?! i didn’t expect it to excite me because i didn’t like the casing at first but i guess i’ve gotten used to it with all the stalking i’ve been doing =)) the trailer turned out better than i expected and i am now hoping for a really good movie to come out! \:D/ YEY ♥

  4. I love The Hunger Games trilogy. The movie trailer looks like I’ll be disappointed. I hope it won’t be like the movie version of HP 1 and 2, too much details it tried too hard to please the fans.

  5. The books were great! The trailer seems far from what I have imagined, but still worth waiting for like what I did with Mocking Jay scoring me a free Shirt! Haha, anyways go read it!!!

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