41 comments on “KBP Golden Dove Awards – Best FM Station: Monster Radio RX 93.1 & Best Comedy Radio Show: The Morning Rush!!!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Love the fact that you guys won. Been listening to you guys since I was in 3rd or 4th grade… YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

    And to Delamar, she looks beautiful and happy… As for Chico and Gino, girls you look beautiful too… :)) kidding… Handsome and so manly as always… :))

    CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN RX and Morning Rush!!!! LOVE IT! ๐Ÿ˜€ โค

  2. Congratulations!!!! To you, Delle, Gino, Fran and the rest of the jocks and staff of RX. You really deserve to win. I’ve been a Monster since 1992 and until now my view of your station hasn’t changed….YOU ROCK!!!! So again congratulations and just keep doing what you guys love to do and for sure your listeners, like me, will know how special your station is.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! So proud of you guys – Chico, Delle and Gino! I have a big crush on Gino, ooops… revealing too much info … sayang, late ka ng dumating sa buhay ko, hahahaha … ^_^

  4. Congratulations! I have been listening to your tandem since grade school (even when I my English was barok) but I loved the energy your show has. I remember you were still in another station. I am not a very active fan (but I am a huge fan of the both of you) but I still listen to your show every morning.
    Congratulations again and you deserve it. This will definitely make your show even better.

  5. when u listen to the winner, u become a winner, too!
    thank u for the entertainment, for the laughter.
    thank u for the lovin when u play our requests.
    thank u for sharing ur knowledge, ur experiences. we learn so much from them.
    most of all, thank u for creating The Monster Scholarship Program. i hope it goes on “forever”. it promotes the value of education, the drive to survive poverty….but most importantly it keeps us reminded that we r here on earth to help one another, to be responsible for one another.

    I….thank you!!! *wave* and then *tsunami walk*

    ….to be able to WiN, u must LiSTEN to the WiNNER, RX!…

  6. Congratulations Chico,Delamar & RX team! A well deserved win.Greatness with substances ,wholesomeness & Goodwill always stands out. Thank you.

  7. We your listeners also felt your victory! Congrats Delle and Chico! The morning rush has always been a part of our lifestyle.. We laugh and cried along with you guys.. I even felt the emotions when you announced the Big Reveal! Cheers to Delle and Chico! Cheers to the Morning Rush!

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  9. Congrats! So happy to be a part of TMR. We are rejoicing with you guys! More Power to RX and TMR. I’ll forever love you C&D. Stunning ever ka Delle, parang di nanganak. Chichi and Gigi, you looked great as well. Continue to entertain and inspire us guys. God bless your show and station. ๐Ÿ™‚

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