37 comments on “ChiChi And GiGi’s Epic Bitch Off!

  1. Dear delle,
    PLEASE, come back na! I don’t think this 2 gay-lehiyala will remain out of prison longer! Every morning I can imagine u saying “alam mo makukulong ka”

    Baka maisipan pa ni Rico Robles makisali dito.

  2. I soooooo love your bitchfest!!! I can’t stop laughing while reading your bitchtweets to each other…kya pala sinabi ni gino he’s so tired that day coz TMR got extended then when I scrolled down…..alas….I read your whole bitchfest hahahaha super like!!! ^_^

  3. hala, twitwar parang mga showbiz reporters lang. hehehehe nakakastress drilon. hay hagardo verzosa na nga, smelanie marquez pa dahil sa mainit na panahon ng hapon.

  4. oh my gaaaaahd! i never really thought i’d be a follower/listener. they’re so effin’ entertaining! they’re so random hahaha

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