20 comments on “Surrender

  1. Very nice. Surrendering is really hard…This one made me think… OT Not to make you feel old but one of the earliest morning rush episodes I remember has you announcing you had a wordpress. I was in college I think and not familiar. It is nice to read your blogs.

  2. I so agree. Similar thing happened to me. Just when I said I’m done playing around, I find someone I want to spend my life with. Been together since then (also 2003). 🙂

  3. everything you wrote is true. and very timely, considering what i’m goin through with school right now. thanks chico 🙂

  4. So timely. “Please let me find happiness”,–this is my exact prayer for sometime now. I need more courage to watch this video 🙂 . shocks, I wan’t to cry…

  5. This happened to me too, Year 2006. Over the years, a few guys were courting me na pala but I was so naive to know that, so i ended up 20 years old and NBSB. I dated some guys then (just went out have dinner) who turned out to be players and jerks. Then I reached that point when I gave up looking for that someone to care for me. That longing feeling was killing me but at that night, with no drama, I prayed and left everything up to Him. I said, kung wala, wala. Kung dadating, dadating siya but I’m not gonna wait anymore and I’m not gonna think of anyone I meet as prospects.

    After a week, I met the guy. We’ve been together ever since and now married. I’m not saying it’s a fairy tale though. There’s still struggles but I’m still hoping we make it through.

  6. hi chico,

    thanks for posting this. it has been a rough year for me at work and I was feeling like a loser because I am having a hard time looking for a job. my colleagues have been able to get new better paying jobs but me, I am stuck. watching the video is like a wake up call. i know i dream big but the guy up there has bigger dreams for me.

    i will not give up, keep on keeping on, sabi nga ni david archuleta! 🙂

  7. I was bawling reading your post!
    Hay, I guess there are just so many major things that I wanted and didn’t happen..so this truly struck a chord. I have always been that kind of person who would just let go – kse it always happen na when I look back after letting go , I realize, ah..kaya pala di para sa akin yun. I always say.. salamat God ha..now I know.
    Thanks for posting this Chico.

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