18 comments on “Steve Jobs

  1. those gadgets are his legacy. he made contribution to tech history of the world. i think its enough for us to remember him whatever gadget we are using. big thanks to steve job, may his soul rest in peace.

  2. So true. He is the Edison of our time. As much as I consider my Android phone as one of my body parts, my iPod is my life support. I wouldn’t know what to do without my “Morning Jam” playlist while taking my train ride to work or my “Nag-iinarte OST” when I’m feeling emo. My iPod has been with me through ups and downs, present lagi sa parties with friends and even when I decided to pursue my destiny abroad, kasama ko sya panlaban sa homesickness. Though I have not met him personally, his death resonates in me. Like what you said, having him gone is like spending a day without whatever iGadget that helps your day become so much easier or bearable. He truly is a great loss and I am not sure if there could be another imaginative visionary as him, who has literally changed how we go about our daily lives.

  3. Steve’s legendary pitch to John Sculley when he recruited him from Pepsi as Apple CEO: Would you prefer to ” . . . sell sugar water for the rest of your life or come with me and change the world?” Steve did indeed change the world. And changed it for the better. He will be dearly remembered as one of the greatest visionaries and innovators of all time. Thanks Steve for sharing your genius with us.

  4. i am not a techie person like you, but reading some articles, including your blog, how steve jobs influenced the world with his mind and passion makes me inspire with his story 🙂

  5. That’s a really nice article Chico! Steve Jobs’ contributions are popularly known in the techie world, which is just right as these made tremendous changes in today’s society/culture, but I’ve read somewhere that most of the patents that he owns are not just with Apple (and its products), but with Pixar/Disney…. this just goes to show how much of a genius this guy is… he will definitely be missed 🙂

  6. His apple keeps cynicism away! He wasn’t just the face of and the brain behind Apple; he became the man who inspired the youth and the rest of the world to be “hungry and foolish” dreamers and reformers. =)

  7. i cried when i learned of his death. it is as if he is a close kin. an out-of-the-box thinker like him will live on in every apple gadget the world has and will have.

  8. apple gadgets and pixar are two of his greatest contributions to the world. on top of this, steve jobs was able to conquer death. in his commencement speech in stanford in 2005, he said that death is the greatest invention. he knew he was dying and the remaining years of his life were spent well.

  9. I do not own a specific Apple gadgets but I consider myself a techie guy, having my own share of gadgets, been into computer works (softwares, blogging and what-have-yous), music downloading, organizing, etc and so I feel the same loss of those who understood Steve Jobs works, his visions and his contribution. My only solace is he had a life well spent- innovating, changing and making the world a better place and inspiring a million lives. He must be smiling down upon us, knowing how much we appreciated his legacy

  10. still can’t believe that i’d still be affected by Steve Job’s death up to now. i only have an iPod touch (but has been desperate to buy a Macbook Pro, un nga lang di pa kaya ng budget) but for me, it’s worth every penny. i solely rely on it for checking my friends’ birthday, for keeping up with my budget, and for making me sane during those so emo days (tamang soundtrip sabay check sa 8-ball/coke magic bottle apps kung “bakit nagkaganito waahh” then shake to get my answer).

    he’s really my idol, and i could still remember what i felt when i first read his bio on wikipedia (first read, ibig sabihin binalik balikan). i am rarely impressed, but he really left an impression with his experiences in life.

    i salute him for all the innovations that he’s done with technology and for being such a visionary (yes, a cliche, but he is who he is). i could only hope that the current generation, who’re using his creations, will appreciate what Steve Jobs has done for their everyday lives.

  11. I saw articles about Steve’s LSD use, buddhist beliefs and alternative lifestyle. It was presumed that the “Think Different” slogan of Apple came after Steve’s experience with LSD. He was also quoted saying Bill Gates was ok, but was too uptight. I guess it reflects on their products, Steve’s Apple is more hip, and Bill Gate’s Microsoft is more nerdy. Between Gates, and Jobs, I prefer the latter as the more “human” of the two. Truly a big loss, not only for Apple, but for Disney as well.

  12. Chico try tiny tower app!! Its addictive! Fun! The goal is like u need to stock every floor with residents and their products/service

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