25 comments on “Westlife Live In Manila!

  1. O well, a teenage daughter of my officemate before was the one who introduced me to the other songs with great lyrics…she is still in HS but she knows them and loves them… I am still for “I want it all or nothing at all”

  2. Hi! Thanks for sharing!

    I wish i was there! Oh yeahhh you love the FOOL AGAIN song too! I made a parody song & video of that because I was really sad that I couldn’t go to the Westlife concert… =( Here it is:

    Salbehe told me about this post so thank you for sharing! Really made my day! 🙂

  3. wow! great shots! i wonder what camera you used and im amazed at how the pictures were taken esp on low lit place – if i was the one taking those pictures malamang blurry yan! 🙂 hehe ang galing and im a big fan! 🙂

  4. yep! westlife still does it! shane and mark do the vocals, nicky’s the real charmer and the best dancer among them-at least for me and kian plays the guitar and piano, sayang di sya nag guitar dito, madalas pag medley na slow songs, pero di ko pa sya nakita nag piano sa concert nila Sana Chico next visit nila dito bigyan mo ‘ko ng ticket kunyari nanalo sa promo, tapos tabi tayo we’ll sing our hearts out, shout to the top of our lungs and dance like crazy, then you won’t have to worry kung may matamaan kang katabi 😉

  5. i regret..not seeing you at the concert! haay nasa likod ka lang pla nung nka-iPad na un! haha >< back2back blessing sana ako kung nakita kita 🙂 You + Westlife! 🙂

  6. I was there. In the rafters. standing for 2 hours. Mark is my favorite even if he turned out gay. Impressive vocals. Legit singers all of them. I love how much they interacted with the crowd. And I can’t believe how many people were in the coliseum. Akala ko lalangawin ung Gen.Ad kaya hindi ako nagmadaling pumunta. Serves me right coming at 8:30. No place to sit. Best Concert I’ve been to..EVER..WESTLIFE is the best boyband ever..better than Boyzone..better than Backstreet Boys..:D

  7. Awesome article, Chico!!! I’m a huge, huge fan of Westlife and I got excited when I heard you say on air that want to go to their concert… Too bad I wasn’t able to watch them, and reading your experience made me regret that I didn’t ditch work to see the lads LOL…

    I was able to catch the first concert, though, in FAT… Too bad I didn’t see you as I was just starting to tune in to you guys then… I was seated at the front and I can still remember how bad the sound system was haha! And of course, Brian was still with the group…

    I still try to keep myself updated with their career and personal lives and they’re still pretty popular in the UK… You must watch their other concerts in DVD Ü

  8. I’m so excited for their concert in Malaysia! The last time I’ve seen them here live was waaaaay back in 2001. That was 10 years ago – I was just a pimply 14 year-old back then. I don’t remember much about that concert, but I remember having a great time. So when it’s announced that they’re coming here to Malaysia for their Gravity tour – I was ecstatic! I’m sure they’re gonna be in tip-top condition tonight. Too bad Brian is no longer with them, he was my fave member. BUT I won’t let his absence deter me from having a kickin’ good time tonight! 😀

  9. nice! i was the girl with the yellow witty banner for Nicky..ahaha! it was a dream come true for me since ive been dreaming of hugging them all my life! 🙂

  10. Are you kidding me? An iPad, its camera it’s not that clear, believe me, i have one but i’m not gonna use it like that. Hell no! He must be just showing off!

    I also love those two hits, esp If I let you Go. That’s too bad! they’re probably promoting their new album, that’s why.

    I also love Nicky coz he’s the cutest! Shane still has the best voice among them and Mark, yes, I can smell the Calambaklita spirit in him! hahaha

  11. Omygosh. I am now smiling as I reminisce my gradeschool days. I’m now working but I’m still a superfan. Imagine this, my cousin and I were holding hands til the white curtain fell off and I swear I couldn’t even remember how many times I shouted oh-my-god. Define o.a. HAHA. A dream come true. Priceless. ♥

    And one more thing..

    “But it’s pretty obvious that the biggest star is Nicky. Everytime his face is up on the big screen, no fail, the crowd screams in paroxysms of pleasure. Of all of them, he sings the least, but he’s got the biggest fan base.” — I totally agree! I have a big desire for Nicky, while my cousin’s crush was Shane. But I got shocked when I saw her shouting and cheering for Nicky. Mangaagaw! Grar!

  12. I share your sentiment with the iPad recording issue. That also happened when I watched the AI concert and it is really distracting. And you can’t really enjoy a concert when your recording with something that big, and I can’t enjoy it either when the iPad’s light keeps on blinking within my line of sight.

    But anyway… Thank you for a detailed article about their concert. I am one of the people who you refer to as one who veils my enjoyment of their music as a “guilty pleasure”. I grew up listening to them. Would’ve watched the concert as well if I only had money. There are too many artists coming to the Philippines and not enough money to buy tickets! 😦

  13. I was there too! 🙂 I just saw your blog today and I suddenly remembered every detail of their concert.

    Oh and yes,to use iPads to take concert vids is utterly indecent and disrepectful. My new pet peeve too.

    PS. Mark is still sooo charming, though he got really big these past years.

  14. too bad..they just announce they’re splitting up by summer next year.it was an official announcement from them and the management…but hey the legacy is there…

  15. aw! I really wanted to watch their concert but things got out of hand and i missed it.. 😦

    they just announced that they will go their separate ways next year after their farewell tour. I just Wish that The Philippines is one of the stopovers of the tour. 😦

  16. How I wish I were in Manila during the concert. *sigh* I’m a HUGE fan of Westlife! I don’t care how “baduy” boy bands sound for other people but for a 90s kid like me “Pop” will always have a huge space in my heart. and yeaaahh!! Mark is soooooo good lookin’!!! ♥.♥ Too bad we both prefer men…XD LOLz

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