23 comments on “American Idol Live In Manila!

  1. Best performances of the night: Naima, Haley and CASEY! Love, love, love them! Was disappointed with Pia, She didn’t seem into it so much.

    Btw, my DSLR wasn’t allowed inside! Buti ka pa Chico! Nice shots! πŸ™‚

  2. Me, my mom and twin brothers just watched tonight’s show. We enjoyed it. Really not a big fan of this batch, but I have to say their show was worth watching. I was also surprised on how the audience loved Scotty. The response to him was amazing!

    Casey, as always and as I expected, was a hit! I loved his version of Harder To Breathe! I’d have to agree with you on Hailey. Her voice stood out among the girls.

  3. aww, man! i would have loved to see them live — i was rooting for Haley all the way! =P why don’t the stars pass by singapore anymore? amf.

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  5. I enjoyed reading your post. I was there (Sept. 21 show) and enjoyed their performances so much. I agree with your observations.

    What I love about Season 10 is the Idols’ mix genre music. Naima brought the house down with her unique, energetic (On the Floor) dance move finale. James, Jacob, Pia … what a voice range!

    Casey and Haley, my goodness, I love their voice gymnastics in their duet number. Casey is really talented … he can make his own music!

    Lauren and Scotty, well, there’s no doubt, these two are made for country music. I was wowed by Scotty’s voice. I wouldn’t be surprised if his voice would be heard as a great movie soundtrack.

    It was also nice to see a fellow Filipino (Thia) performing on stage. To Thia, a pat on your back for a good performance. I’m sure you make all Filipinos proud.

    Jacob, Stefano, James, and Paul, seemed really enjoyed and gave their best too. To some of them who received not much applause, it’s the connection with the audience may be that was lacking or the song choice might not be that popular for Pinoy’s palate, but still, it was a new experience for the audience!

    They (the Top 11) really gave it all. They deserved to be Idol winners indeed.

    I take my hats off to the Top 11 American Idol (Season 10) finalists!

  6. We were there in the second night! It was a blast! our bosses gave us free tickets..
    Haley’s legs, Casey’s Beard and Stefano’s abs= American Idol Concert tour 2011! hahaha..
    But I love their voices.. Specially Casey’s.. :))

  7. this concert didn’t disappoint. as i expected, James and Casey showed why they were my favorites… i guess the title and charm was what made Scotty more popular with the crowd than Lauren who i think has some sore throat but still had a lot of energy despite the vrowd that didn’t react to her so well… Thia was still good but not exceptionally good that’s why i guess depsite the hometown advantage, she didn’t capture the crowd… Pia was a great way to start the ball rolling with her great vocals and familiar songs, maybe the crowd was still warming up that’s why the screams were not as loud as Haley’s (she has sexy legs and pretty smile but still, i still think she is weird when she dance)… Paul was simply appealing so even if we can’t relate to or understand the words coming from his mouth, we give him two thumbs up… Stefano appeared as though he’s been a star for quite some time, good for him he has the vocal chops to back his cockiness… Naima, well, she was like a real star doing that J-Lo number, an entertaining performer indeed… And Jacob, he was annoyingly good. πŸ˜‰

  8. I was there last night and it’s just AMAZING! I’m with my grandmom who was a bigger fan than I was, and even if almost all the songs weren’t her type, she said it was still super great! I was screaming and raising my hand the whole time. I still can’t believe I was able to watch AI. Haley and Casey are my faves since the competition, Naima was really great, Pia blew me away, but Scotty with whom I was not really a huge fan was just super charming especially when he did his signature low notes, the crowd was screaming so hard!! It was everything I was imagining and more! Thanks for my grandmom for asking me to come with her. πŸ™‚

  9. hi there! please upload a photo of Naima while singing “on the floor” Thanks. It would mean a lot to me. Walk with love! πŸ™‚

    • Yes, he sang Maggie May πŸ™‚ You did miss a lot tho 😦 Pia and Stefano’s duet, Stefano’s Grenade, Pia’s This Time, Group performance from the girls, and Thia’s songs…

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  12. I loved your photos and commentaries. The concert was really really GREAT. I still can’t get over it! πŸ™‚ May I ask which point and shoot camera you used for those photos? πŸ™‚ Thank you

  13. hi Chico, i don’t know if i havent heard anything about Thia, but i dont think she’s a proud filipina anyway, even from the start, tayo lang naman palaging proud sa mga may dugong pinoy who makes it big abroad. i think that’s the reason why she was unpopular, i mean Lauren even said “home town of ms. thia megia” and all Thia did in the concert was to say “Hello mga kababayan!” , Naima even said more Filipino words than she did. dont u agree?

  14. I went to the first show AND IT WAS A BLAST!!!! The Idols clearly had a great time and FILIPINOS DID TOO!!! ❀ I'm still experiencing hangover from the concert, it still hasn't sunk in that I have seen them all perform live, especially my idol SCOTTY!!!! I WANT A SOLO SCOTTY CONCERT IN THE FUTURE!

    The other Idols were unbelievable! SAYING THEY PUT ON A GREAT SHOW IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!!!

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