16 comments on “American Idol Finalists In The RX Booth!

  1. huwaw chico im so inggit but not much bcoz yesterday i was so lucky to have a picture with stefano during their autograph signing at trinoma, and pia is so beautiful like a doll and also naema… and also james, its kinda funny when james told his fans why he wasnt warned about red horse beer, hahaha he loves redhorse beer…..

  2. omg… are paul’s teeth really that sparkly and white?
    i love casey… he sould’ve won this season…
    i love love love those 3… and to have them being interviewed by you guys, made it even more special…

  3. uy…may blind item! haha
    *crossing my fingers* hope it’s not my fave… =(

    i wish paul got to channel levine…i see adam in him
    did you get to meet nikki reed too? =)

  4. want to know who’s that idol your talking about who did not endear himself to the local fans… i mean is that person in season 7? please chico 🙂

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