13 comments on “Sooo Pinoy: Kanin Club

    • if you live in QC, there’s actually one at Technohub, along Commonwealth Ave.. From QC Circle, you need to make a U turn at Tandang Sora.
      Their crispy dinuguan is really to die for!!!

  1. i love kanin club… i remember the first time i ate the crispy dinuguan… nanlaki talaga mata ko. and that was take out so it wasn’t as warm but it still left a big impression.
    i haven’t tried their desserts yet because i’ve always been so full after the meal that there’s no more room for it…
    i can’t wait to bring my family there so they may try the dishes. i frequent the ayala triangle gardens branch.

  2. Wow Chico finally, you’ve been to Kanin Club. Since you start posting about this “Soo Pinoy ” thing, I was wondri’n if ever Kanin Club will be part of your destinations. I also love their crispy dinuguan. pamatay sa saarrrapppp!!!!

  3. Kanin Club is really a good place to eat Pinoy food. Good place to bring balikbayans too who miss Pinoy food a lot. Do you know that the owner is a Neurologist who hails from Bacolod but practices here in Manila? If you went to the Ayala Technohub branch, the paintings and other artworks on display there are for sale too. If you get the chance to go back and eat there again, to avoid getting “umay”, you can order as side dish, the tomato, cilantro, kesong puti salad. It works for me especially when I have eaten too much of the crispy dinuguan. Hehehe! Glad I can relate to the dishes you mentioned in your post since I have tasted most of them already. I haven’t tried the adobo though. Maybe next time.

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