12 comments on “Zombadings 1: Patayin Sa Shokot Si Remington

    • Yes I think so too, here in the Philippines the stereotypical gay men are the ones who are ridiculed the most, that’s why I think they went with that, they want to make the movie about the more marginalized na mga bading

      And there were characters in the movie na gay pero hindi stereotypical yung role like Daniel Fernando’s character, if they try to fit in different gay characters baka ma-skew sila sa gusto nilang iparating na message .

  1. Nice review but parang may na miss ka na character sa movie. Example: Tatay ni Hannah love interest ni Remington, Kumpare ng Tatay ni Remington, Remington himself. Hindi naman kailangan kailangan mag suot ng tight-fitting shirt to represent a gay character sa movie plus yung setting ng movie sa province magkaka lung cancer kasi si Remington so walang zara and f&h doon. May mga gay guy na nainlove sa babae pero sexually attracted sa lalaki like sa nangyari kay Remington after ng sumpa. May mga tatay din na bading. Sa Part 2 siguro Remington in Manila, doon nya makikita mga bading sa gym hahaha. Pero agree ako sobrang galing ni Janice.

  2. I agree with csyjuco… but, not to underestimate the viewing public, how much of the moviegoers know and are conscious about the intentional campiness of the movie to not make an opinion that ALL gay men are like that?

    Chico, your second to the last paragraph sums it up in terms of what other gay-themed films can feature. I have yet to see something like “Broken Hearts Club” or “Latter Days” or even “Trick” where it just feels so nice watching a movie in its entirety. I’m sure this is just the beginning of “fresher” movies to come.

    How I wish movies would look like those Same Day Edits of Jason Magbanua et al cinematography wise. I find more pleasure watching those 5min films. 🙂

  3. I have been a fan of Indie Pinoy films since Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros. However, I don’t get to catch them that often because of viewing availabilities.

    RPG Metanoia is of a different genre. Maybe this should be more compared to Dead na si Lolo… nevertheless, will see the movie this weekend. Veterans Janice and Roderick had me sold, plus my fave Miss Uge is there too. =)

    Btw, did you make a review of Ang Babae sa Septic Tank (if you’ve seen it)? That was also a nice touch for me, of a movie in a movie.

  4. Well I just watched this film because of your review chico!

    This may be out of the topic, but since you made this film review, I suddenly remember Harry Potter. I’ve been waiting for your review on the finale of HP. ^_^

  5. Mukhang may sequel pa ang naturang pelikula na nagsilbing the talk of tinseltown. Kahapon ko napanuod ang Zombadings at wagas naman ang tawa ko habang pinapanuod ito. Simple lang naman ang nais iparating ng pelikula…uhh…ahh..ewan.haha. Riot movie kasi itong Zombadings. haha. Sino ba naman kasing mag aakalang pwedeng gawing gaydar ang blow dryer, gawing thesis ang pagtuklas kung paano malalaman na bakla ang isang hayop, isumpa ka ng isang bading, at bumangon ang mga nangamatay na bading mula sa hukay at maging zombie? haha. Kudos sa mga artista na nagsiganap. Mart Escudero. Roderick Paulate, Eugene Domingo, Janice de Belen.

    On the latter part of the film, dun mo pa nare-realize na in the end, it’s all about acceptance and making sacrifices for the people you love. At syempre, no to discrimination with the members of the third sex. 😀

    Charoterang isprikitik. Umappear ka vahkler. Magpa-feel, magpasense, ditey sa baler. Witiz shokoley ang udangchi ditey sa fezlaboom mo mars na nakakalurkey.

    – Roderick Paulate’s chant

  6. I loved this movie!!!!! especially the final scene with Jon Regala and Janice De Belen. 🙂

    Dunno if you noticed that the stereotypically male roles were played by women – the mayor (Odette Khan) and the lieutenant (Janice de Belen). XD

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