15 comments on “Go The F**k To Sleep

  1. the funny thing here is, the grandma (?) kept on saying, ‘oh God, this is not a good book, bastos!’ until she almost done reading it. haha!

  2. ahaha! I feel you man! Same sentiments… but not as extreme as this. It’s exasperating when you try to get them to sleep but I’m not THIS exasperated!

    Samuel Jackson is just right for the part!

  3. Nakakatuwa si Lola, Ilokanang Ilokana…magitas yung salita na lalo na sa “f*#@” word! hahaha…but she finished the book, contrary to what she’s saying that it’s a bad book, uy, si Lola curious din to how the f&#@ing story would end…hehehe

  4. i’m f#@king crying my eyes out laughing! bravo, Lola!
    i read about this book. it started as a torrent download, spread like wildfire; and now it’s a bestseller. it’s one of those times when being pirated online actually worked for the sales.

  5. Believe it or not, I got to download the pdf file, and i can’t even finish reading as I was laughing so badly. And… I got Chelsey laughing too (well, apparently she didn’t understand really). She was probably laughing at my laughing.

  6. Hahaha!! I cannot believe Lola finished reading the whole book! I’ve been wanting to buy this book. Would you know if it will released here in Manila, Chix? 🙂

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