19 comments on “RPG Metanoia

  1. I agree chico…and I hate to see that this film wasn’t given the commendation it should receive. It was my chosen film last MMFF and it was really good, graphics, script, and all. It’s nice to hear that it is being shown again. Kudos to its makers!! 🙂

  2. you should have seen this movie in 3D on the big screen… i was so amazed. the sound design is outstanding. the animation… simply awesome. i loved every single minute of it. Like you, I watched something that far exceeded my expectations.
    i’ve been waiting for this movie to be out on DVD… that’s not happening??? it showed the value of Filipino culture and Pinoy games. i wanted my nieces to watch it.

  3. i watched it last Dec. and yeah, it wasn’t appreciated that time by most of the MMFF moviegoers. As for me, I loved the entire film, its plot and its characters, great animation and tama talaga ang timpla. I watched it alone and yet I enjoyed it a lot and one of the best Filipino films ever 🙂

  4. I’m disappointed that there’s no plans of a DVD release. My friends in the U.S. were waiting for that, as we were raving about the movie when we saw it at the MMFF last year. It would make a great gift to them, especially if it included interviews and some behind the scenes look.

    I really enjoyed this movie, and I wholeheartedly agree with your review… except that I was far from impressed with Zaijan’s performance. But that’s my opinion any way. 🙂

    • Agree! The movie was great (saw it in 3D during MMFF) but was a bit ruined for me by Zaijan’s voice. I thought it was too “pa-cute” for the age of the character. No accounting for taste I guess 🙂

  5. I watched it last year alone because nobody wanted to watch it with me. They dismissed the movie because they think it wouldn’t be good. I’m still waiting for a DVD release. They’ve already put out a commercial soundtrack for this movie, so let’s all hope for a home video release.

  6. ay, kalungkot naman na walang plans of releasing a dvd. Thank God that I was able to see it on the big screen and I agree, ang ganda movie na ‘to.
    I will bring my nephew along if ever you guys will have a future screening of it. *fingers-crossed*

  7. i personally enjoyed watching this movie last christmas. the trailer caught my interest so went to see the movie with my cousins. and i agree with you chico, it exceeded my expectations. it brought me back to the days when when me and my friends enjoyed playing mga larong kalye. di pa uso on-line gaming that time.

  8. hi chico. i hope the plan of having a special screening for RPG pushes thru. I wasn’t able to watch it last Christmas season although I really wanted to catch it. hope you would be able to convince the director …

  9. No DVD? Naku, e inaabangan to ng mga sibs ko abroad for their kids. Kasi I highly recommended the film to the Filipino kids to watch it with their parents last December. E karamihan ng nakabasa sa fb ko, overseas, so sabi nila mag reserve na ko ng DVD pag release.

    Pde ba mag petition? =)

  10. I hope there would be a DVD release. sayang naman. I’ve been waiting for it, since I’ve read a lot of glowing reviews of this film.

    I think the main problem is that the trailer doesn’t give the film justice (if the glowing reviews are to be believed, I haven’t seen the film yet). The trailer is not interesting/exciting enough to entice viewers. I think the trailer doesn’t give hints of the positive qualities you’ve mentioned.

  11. watched the movie with my son, and we both enjoyed it. made him realize not to get hooked on too much online games and psp. hoping for a dvd release

  12. I watched this last MMFF & i really enjoyed it, though i should’ve seen it in 3D cos everyone says its really awesome in 3D. I really wished it would be released in DVD too, i agree this movie is globally competitive & its a shame that not a lot would get to see it

  13. I have watched this movie with my nephews and we enjoyed it… super…
    puno ng aral… I hope they would release DVD… sayang naman

  14. No DVD release??? Wh-waaat?? NOooooooOOooOoooOO!
    But I, once upon a time, emailed the Ambient, sagot sa ‘kin “Patience” so I did grow the virtue.

  15. Why? Ganyan ba kahirap ang Pilipinas huh? Pati ba naman DVD ay walang release? Pambihira naman o. Anduon na nga tayo sa medio paasenso na, tipong… ay naku. Yeah, I know — di tayo tulad ng Japan or US na angat kaysa sa atin, pero naman… kahit DVD man lang uy! Tanggap ko na nga na kahit walang games dahil walang budget or whatever… pero kahit DVD man lang… hay…. never mind. Free download na lang ako.

    Basta, magka DVD sila… kungdi magkakabagyo ang Pinas, ha ha. Joke.

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