75 comments on “The Morning Rush Named “Top Radio Show To Listen To” By Spot.ph!

  1. kayo pa nangunguna dun sa POLL ng SPOT sa article nila.
    yung iba commenters don halatang isang tao lang eh. haha

  2. Pag hindi ito nag-top … mag-aaya ako ng rally! You and Delamar never fail to make my morning (and so many million listerners as well) … the way it should be … A HAPPY ONE!!! I agree with everybody …. WELL DESERVED!!!!

  3. A lot of new DJs have come and gone, and if staying power is a test of success, these two are the clear winners. Hey, we practically grew up with these radio royalties; it would be hard to imagine weekday mornings without them >> Fifteen years and beyond. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  4. congrats 😀 deserving naman kayo 😀 love you guys… you are my first love and it will never dies 😀 (second love ko sina Gino and Fran 🙂 they broke my heart-miss them)
    more power 🙂

  5. “we practically grew up with these Radio ROYALTIES; it would be hard to imagine weekday mornings without them..”

    behold the KING and QUEEN of radio industry!

    congratz Chico & Delamar!

  6. Duh! Of course the best and TMR! Congrats, Chico and Delle! You’re doing a great job, and we Rushers are very proud!
    (another reason para maging bitter ang mga ka-kompitensya kuno!)

  7. congratulations, guys. you deserve this. comment on your show though: i love it but can you please limit your ads — those that you plug or you usually talk about? i know your radio has to earn but can you just increase your rate instead? sometimes all we here are ads, kung may kanta man, tsaa naman. me and my family have pledged that we will not buy products you advertise as they interfere with our favorite show, kaya ayaw na namin ng garnier, smart bountry fresh at kung ano ano pa. lol.

  8. congrats guys! did any other rx show make the list?

    you’re right, radio was never more alive than now! i’m glad that despite ipods and other techie stuff, radio entertainment still stands and its because of the hard work and creativity of radio guys like you.

  9. Yessirreeee!!! KAYO NA! KAYO NA ANG PINAKIKINGGAN!! Congrats Chico & Del ( as well as Chichi & Gigi hehehe)!!! You guys deserve all the accolades! Its for the job well done…for making a lot of people, young (as in young like 6 year old student name Basti (?)) and old alike, HAPPY AND SMILING not just during the rush hours but actually for the rest of the day! God bless and more power!

  10. INAANTAY KO NA YUNG BOOK LAUNCHING NG “THE MORNING RUSH: THE COMPILATION”. Tuloy na tuloy na ba sa september our royal DJ’s??? Pleeeeeeaaaaaazzzzzeeeee!!!

  11. papa chico, wafung-wafu ka sa fiture! ka-look-a-layk-boom-boom mez si hugh grant! award!! may i look for na namesung na “jackie” kaso witchellz?! baket wit sya sinama sa article-lalush? at may you menshionz “mo twister” ah! imbei kasi si atashi sa kanya at dun kay angeli-heli-kap-kap. mashadong meganeganess – nakakahawa ang bad vibes ng mga kombinashun nila!

  12. yap!! so hard to imagine without Morning Rush. It’s my daily dose of laughter. Congratulations!! You’re so down to earth Chico what you have said about your rivalry stations, that’s why i like you so much..idol!!

  13. It makes me more proud to be a rusher.. Congrats guys.. A well-deserved recognition.. And thank you for showing that you don’t need to trash talk anyone just to be on top.. 🙂

  14. You already ang number 1, C & D! I used to tune in to this morning show headed by a self-righteous and grumpy DJ until I discovered yours. One show is enough para lumipat na ako. Your podcast is my de-stressor sa aking very strenuous work sa audit firm! Cheers!

  15. i am a silent rusher for so long. i was super excited to see your photos on spot and was ecstatic when at number 2 eh wala pa rin ang morning rush! so it only meant that you guys were number 1!!! congratulations chico and delamar!

  16. i just voted! 🙂 i hope they win! 🙂 im sending out emails to friends to vote for them as well.

    and to my fellow rushers, pls follow me on twitter: iloveblogsx. i am looking for wonderful blogs (like Chico’s) since i will be writing about them soon 🙂


    btw, i am sooo looking forward to the book launch! more power to CnD 😀

    • hi Chaks! im pretty new in wordpress and i just discovered “site stats” today. Most of my blogs views came from this post of yours!

      so to everyone, you may want to see my blog for, er, more about Gigi? so yes, this is a call to all Gigi-mons out there! but dont worry, it’s not all about GIGI. next in my list is C&D, ofcourse!


  17. this show was HILARIOUS! first time to listen again after, what, 2 years? you two still has the same connection as before!

  18. hayy naku nakakatuwa ang Top Ten today, Friday, Aug 18th! Creepy crazy! I luv ghostly Armida’s “Sasapian Kita!” and the gay ghost “Teh, Booh!!!”. Tumatawa na naman ako ng mag-isa at malakas habang naka-earplug at nawiwindang ang mga katabi kong cubicle! Chico, ikaw ha, binubuking mo kung pano magsalita ang mga “Totyal Na Nakabrace at may pansit na nakasabit sa mga ipin nila!”. Del, twice or thrice kang nag-freakout with that blood-curdling scream!!!! Tawa ako ng tawa sa inyo! Nice and thanks for a happy weekend start ahead!!!! Yippeee!!!

  19. You really deserve it guys! Congrtulations and more power to ur program and kudos to the awesome tandem on radio! Cheers RX!! 😉 xo

  20. Royals indeed. AFAIK, wla pang FM DJ tandems na nakagawa nito… Sa AM siguro, marami na, majojonda na yung mga andun e…heehee

    Kudos to you, C&D. More years to come. We will listen to you as long as it takes, which I hope for a long while. =)

  21. Best voices on air. Best in word play si Chico! Best sexy laugh si Del! Undefeated blood-curdling scream award! 😀 Excellence in lululu tongue-exercise! Top in Evasion Tactics! Summa in Logic Unplottable!

  22. congrats! hard to believe it’s been 15 yrs… well, not really, esp. for me considering i’ve been listening since my sisters and i were in highschool, and now, im about to have a kid of my own. 🙂 good job guys, and keep it up!

  23. huwaw! radio royalty indeed! i’ve been a rusher ever since i could remember.. goodness, high school pa ata.. and i’m turning 33 na next month.. there’s really a reason why i’ve been loyal through the years.. you simply are the most hilarious pair that makes waking up to mornings and driving through traffic bearable! 😉

  24. I just love you guys, I really do. I would give you both (and Fran and Gino) a hug if I could. Hmwah! ❤

  25. congrats mga idol, sayang di ako nakapagcomment agad pero huli man daw at magaling, late pa rin, hehehe.. congrats uli, magbatian tayo pare-pareho

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