12 comments on “Anilao Dive (August 14, 2011) SHARK! SHARK!

  1. Ditto! Been diving since 2008 but I’ve yet to come across a single shark! :-/ I’ve even gone to some of the most awesome spots (Malapascua, Balicasag, Moalboal, etc) but I seem to have no shark luck :-/ So, despite the bomalabs photos, congrats to you Chico 🙂 and what an awesome front-view shot of the clown fish!

  2. Hi Chico, what camera are u using? I use a G12 with canon underwater casing. I have yet to buy a strobe….

  3. I also went diving in Ligpo last June and saw 4 sharks on that same cave. Luckily, it was my first ever attempt! However, what I want to see more of are the sea turtles. Everytime I see one, I can’t help but get teary-eyed (even with my mask on). 😉 Your photos are amazing, Chico! Keep it up!

  4. Love your pictures Chico! Photography is my new hobby,nakaka-inspire mag practice (sa lupa!) hanngang reef walking pa lang kasi ang kaya ng powers ko… keep on posting ha, IDOL! 🙂

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