5 comments on “Bert And Ernie Are NOT Gay (Choz!)

  1. they’ve been living together in sesame street all these years… and they’re just friends? who are they kidding… (lol.. this hype gives sesame street a new flavor)

  2. pambihira! pati ba naman sina ernie and bert? i think they are more masculine than pong pagong. wala na bang ibang issue?

  3. I have gay friends but this is taking things too far. Seriously? They now want puppets to be gay? Isn’t it enough that they hate on people who cannot accept gay marriage and accuse them of prejudice when in fact, absolutely no one is obligated to accept it? If you are gay then be gay. But don’t assume the world will be the one to adapt to you and claim it your right as a person to do whatever the hell you want and have everybody like you for it. Leave the freaking puppets alone. I do not want my kids watching Sesame Street marrying male puppets together.

  4. I just don’t get how 2 characters who are repeatedly in shows been protrayed as Christian can be gay. My suggestion is if this kind of show is needed make a new one and air on a nickaloden channel where the controversial shows air.

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