10 comments on “The Top Ten Advice For Virgins

  1. Wow. Bakit parang targetted lang ang mga comments (entries) sa female virgins? E pano yung mga male species na untried and untested? Hehe.

    Juts thinking out loud. =)

  2. for girls.nakakacause din ng sakit ang virginity. ung pang-madre. endemetrisois something-something. kaya dapat magalaw din. hehe i dont know. pconfirm n lng sa mga M.D.

  3. hilarious top ten 🙂 i remember flinching at every entry, when this was aired hahahaha. now i just laugh! *wink*

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  5. waaaaaaah! sooo meeeeaan hahaha! but hey i was a virgin before i got married.. virgin and proud! not all guys get so lucky to marry a hot virgin 🙂

  6. Mang Jose – “Wag masyadong CONSERVATIVE para di kayo maging PRESERVATIVE”.

    hahahaha .. TAAAAMAAAAHHH!! XD

    If I may add: Too much preservatives is bad for your health. Kapag lumampas na sa expiry date, wala nang alternative.

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