11 comments on “Move, Eat, Learn

  1. nice nice… kaso nakakahilo panoorin yung move… hindi pala nakakahilo, nakakaduling kasi nakatingin ako dun sa gitna :)) galing kasi ang kulit nung ad

  2. Hay, very well said Chico, its true, when we learn & see the world we will know how small we are and how little we know! Truly inspiring, sana lang nga makapgtravel din ako like you even on a very tight budget, ganda ng ad, sana ganyan ang quality ng ads ng department of tourism para maka attract pa ng mga foreigners.

  3. a very persuasive ad but it is too fast that you cant see much of the places just the man in the middle. you can only recognize the places that are already famous. i love the 2nd video and the 3rd one.

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