20 comments on “Sooo Pinoy: Fely J’s Kitchen

  1. for sure, everybody who reads this will dine at Fely J’s…No wonder this resto., is always on my boss’s represention reimbursement, hehehe

  2. pambihira kagutom ah…
    kung nasa pinas lang ako….naglunch break n ko dyan kanina…hayyyy….i miss pinas sobra….esp adobong sandamakmak na bawang…..yummy mummy

  3. My sister who now lives in Aus always visit this resto simply because of the Filipino food. But I have never did. Maybe one of these days… =)

  4. hi chico, i was just there last week, sayang sana sabay tayo. yap that creamy sikreto ni maria is luscious & heavy as well. i still havent tried some of them & particularly curious with the bistek & guave pie. happy eating !

  5. Grew hungrier as I was scrolling down. Tasted all those but for the bayabas pie. No big fan of guavas here, but I should try it sometime. Thanks for posting this. Eager to check out your blogs on other pinoy restos.

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