58 comments on “Rebyu

  1. Share share!!!!! Ganda naman si delle dito ah. Lani mercado/bernadette sembrano ang dating. Nice teeth chico!

  2. I love Rebyu! I used to watch it when I was back home. Pa-share naman ng memories, Chico.

  3. Nice. Found you past back. I met the man known as PCOS Machine in one of those Tweet Ups last year. A good chap to talk with. Your fortunate to have those. All the Radio1 audio recordings from 1996 to 1999, which I made are gone in the old house and was burned in 2004.

    For everyone’s enjoyment why not give the new Rushers a peek of the past glory. πŸ˜›

  4. Upload na! It would be quite nostalgic for me too. Sana merong episode na naisingit si
    Superboink… =)

  5. upload!!! though this photo is not necessarily bad…it reminds me of Ellen’s bad paid for photos

  6. I can’t help it… I must comment… chico para kang yung bidang lalaki sa twilight… kaya lang ikaw yung version na nakangiti… you glitter… or it could just be my monitor…

  7. c’moon…i know you want to share it! πŸ™‚
    btw, delle still looks the same!! whoa?! grabe, ibig sabihin, timeless ang beauty mo! πŸ™‚ winner!! πŸ™‚ unkabogable!!

  8. REBYU!!!! Naalala ko to. I was in high school when this was on air. naka braces ako nun. Someone told me na magkamukha raw kasi tayo Chico kaya ako nanuod. Haha. After that, i started listening to your radio program (Rush Hour pa ata nun). Hanggang ngayon, more than 10years na ako nakikinig. Di ko man lang namalayan. Hehe

    Chico! Pls post the videos. πŸ™‚

  9. I know about the show but I didnt watch it.. Di ko pa kayo kilala non (i started listening 10yrs ago).. I’d love to see the show.. btw, ung picture mukhang graduation picture ni chico (si delle ung mom dahil sa shawl).. πŸ™‚

  10. OMG!!! never missed a single episode of REBYU back then… the most memorable episode for me was when delle dressed as white lady share the videos chico go!!!

  11. Please post it Chico. I’m curios and excited to see this. lagi ko iniisip kung anu ang CND before una ko kaung minahal sa KC FM nung highschool days ko πŸ˜€ seems part of me missing.. [me pag ganun?] pero sana care to share them hehe πŸ˜€ Godspeed.

  12. Chico, you have to post it on FB. I will not leave you in peace until we see the day that it’s uploaded on youtube! Hehehe!

  13. Wah I still remember that show! Naalala ko pa yung episode na pinakita nyo yung video nung mumu dun sa Three Men and a Baby!
    Upload!! =D

  14. Chico, please please please please please please please post it. I’ll be waiting for your announcement later kung saan namen pwede i-view πŸ™‚ thanks ahahahah

  15. oo, naalala ko to. grade 1 yata ako tapos grade 4 ate ko. tapos alam ko saturday yata to, hapon.

    i also remember ung joke nyo nun. if you and delle were to have kids, you will name one pinipig. sabi ko nun, buti na lang di ko kayo mom and dad.

  16. Please share the videos, it will bring back memories… Used to watch it also. Still got your 2 albums in cassette tapes… lol!

  17. yes pls post them chico! Its a crime that no snippets of this show can be found in cyberspace while there are tons of that’s entertainment clips in youtube!!! hahaha!!! But seriously, i’ve watched a lot of episodes of rebyu in its 1st season. Things started going downhill when those annoying viva kids were added to the show.

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