36 comments on “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows (Part 2)

  1. Very heartfelt Chico. I agree with you. the scene that I was waiting for, was the battle in Hogwarts. How the Weasley’s cried over the death of the twin. I was even crying while I was reading the book. But no matter how incomplete the movie was. I still loved it. Not only did it visualize my addiction but also an escape from the reality. Even just for a few hours of reading.

  2. My main beef with this movie franchise is how badly Ron was treated in the movies.

    This is the reason why a lot of people question how and why a witch of Hermione’s calibre fell for someone like Ron. Sa movies kasi, isa lang siyang dakilang comic relief/sidekick, whereas in the books he played a much much bigger role.

  3. I elected not to watch 7.1 because I wanted to watch it at a time when the second installment would be shown. when we finally did, days before 7.2 was shown in theaters, my husband and I fell asleep. (we watched it at home. he was able to DL a very nice copy of the movie) For the life of me, I thought it was weird but knowing we weren’t the only ones who felt bored, is, well, comforting.

    Like you, I also felt that they did a disservice to Snape’s character. The feelings the book evoked while I was reading what harry meant to snape did not resurface while I was watching the movie. I thought that was the part I would cry the most because that was when I cried while reading the book. Instead, I cried only during the part when Harry’s loved ones accompanied him as he was about to face Voldemort. I thought of how beautiful it was for the story to leave that message that nobody should die alone.

    still, i can’t seem to come to terms with the story’s ending. Still feels as if ‘ve lost a friend who’s never going to come back anymore. 😦

  4. “The Harry Potter series feels like true love that didn’t last. It was great while it lasted, but it eventually had to end. But like many lost loves, I need to let go.”

    Very well said chico! *slow clap*

  5. very well said chico… harry will always be in our hearts. he will be with us until the very end… harry potter series, lord of the rings, narnia and twilight saga are my favorite books to read because they apparate me to their world…

    but as chico shared some scenes in the book is not like in the movie… personally i felt sad when they showed the story of the prince’s tale and the many death’s of harry’s friends… the scene in the book where in the reunion of the Weasley before Fred died and how Percy didn’t want to leave his brother’s body. The death’s of Remus and Tonks…

    i will miss harry… but i can re-read them anytime i feel sad and felt being at hogwarts again… i will just say: ” I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. ” and there is Harry and after being part of Harry’s world i will just say: “Mischief managed.” and i shouted Mischief Manage when the last film ended rolling the credits… i don’t care if people will say that i’m crazy… hehehe…

  6. your heart is my heart. so for letting it out & as beautifully as u did, thank u Chico! for me, Harry Potter will always be the GREATEST thing this century has to offer. I don’t think anything can come up, or even come close to this marvel. As always, ikaw na ang VOICE naming lahat fangirl/fanboy. Thank u for that!

  7. Your heart is my heart. So for letting it out & as beautifully as u did, thank u Chico! for me, Harry Potter will always be the GREATEST thing this century has to offer. I don’t think anything can come up, or even come close to this marvel. As always, ikaw na ang VOICE naming lahat fangirl/fanboy. Thank u for that!!!

  8. I happen to like part 1. It is slow, and yes, dragging, but I feel it’s necessary; stillness before the chaos that would happen, which makes the part 2 great because of part 1’s quiet moments. The dancing scene of Harry and Hermione killed me. The profound friendship between the two explained in one scene.

    It’s difficult to let go. I have to visit Harry almost every year (audiobooks!). I can’t say goodbye yet.

  9. ditto chico. Harry Potter is one of the stories that i’ll never get tired of revisiting on film & on book. LOTR on the other hand appeals more onscreen.

    Loads of similarities really. Somehow, i was going for Dumbledore to rise back from the dead as Gandalf did. And i wonder why Rowling did not make Fawkes return as a phoenix would?

  10. the last two paragraphs of ur post killed me chico! [crying like a baby] i was eagerly waiting for ur review and ur right on the dot with every point… is there a moving on with Harry Potter? i can’t seem to let go… haays… anyways Cheers to JK and Harry!

  11. you just conveyed all the thoughts and feelings that I can’t put into writing. I will miss HP for sure. Now, I have a sudden desire of re-watching HP2.

  12. i feel you when you said harry represented us people who struggled with our insignificance. made me realize not to resent my days when i was bullied as it made me who i am now.

    this is truly a touching post. 🙂

  13. the books are way better than the movies in terms of details and emotions but the movies provided colors and life to the characters. among the potter series, the deathly hallows is my favorite book and the sorcerer’s stone is my favorite movie.

    i especially love the last paragraph of this blog. i so can relate.

  14. ditto chico. It’s one of the stories that i’ll never get tired revisiting both on film and on books. while LOTR is better watched onscreen than read on books in my opinion. Loads of similarities between the two really.
    I wished though that Dumbledore returned from the dead like Gandalf did.
    And i wonder why Rowling did not make Fawkes come back as a phoenix would?

  15. I’ll surely miss HP, your’e thoughts Chico pretty covers everything. I want my 10 and 6 yr old kids enjoy the books and cherish every spoken lessons in life 😀

  16. I’m glad we share the same sentiments on the entire experience of growing-up with Harry Potter and his friends. And thanks to JK Rowling for having given us such a unique enchanting experience.

  17. well said chicco. i love your commentary on this… and like always – it seems, they were my sentiments exactly! I don’t know how you do this but it seems we think alike! whoa!

  18. nothing wasted here [on books or movies], time or money its all worth the effort. i’m having trouble letting go myself

  19. hala chico naiyak naman ako. I’m a big fan of Harry Potter at isa ako sa mga naging emotional nung matapos na 8th movie, its over!!! huhuhu…

  20. I was also bitin with how they depicted Snape’s story… on our way home, my non-reading friends have lots of questions coz the story’s so fast-paced. I was also waiting for Dumbledore’s story. In the 1st part the old lady in the wedding (Aunt Muriel) said Dumbledore’s father killed muggles, but was not further explained on the 2nd part. I wanted to see Ariana’s story. Oh well, maybe they decided not to include it in the film coz it’ll be longer pa. But overall, the film was OK and I cried during the forest scene.

    Now I’m re-reading the books, haha, couldn’t get enough of HP, or separation anxiety, i don’t know… 🙂

  21. yea sir why just now? if potter fans will be spoiled had u posted it very much earlier, i don’t think their potter fans at all. 😀

  22. Harry Potter was the first book that got me into reading books in general, it may be over now but it would always be in my heart. thanks for the heartfelt post Chico.

  23. i still remember when i was young and im begging for my mom’s approval to watch the first harry potter movie.. and now.. it just ended.. more harry potter please..!!! i really like ur blog CHiCo,,,,. nice one.. (super LIKE) 🙂

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