22 comments on “Balicasag Underwater Photos (Black & White)

  1. waaaahhh…we were in bohol july 22 to 24 din.we stayed sa isis bungalow….we went on city tour nung 22, then island hopping nung 23…sayang di kita nakita chico!

  2. Hello Mr. Chico Garcia. I would just like to ask you about your pictures and how they are edited? Are you using photoshop or is it straight from the camera? If you’re using photoshop, how did you install it on your computer? Via DL or from an original CD? Thank you! Hope you’ll reply to this. 🙂

  3. nice! the black and white shots look more dramatic. parang nakaka-capture nya yung emotions nung isda (kung meron mang ganon).

    Is that a nudibranch in the last pic? Yung mukhang slug with the zebra/tiger-like stripes? Or am I looking at the wrong thing?

  4. Hi Chico, your pictures inspired me to use my camera more, experiment & practice! 🙂 thanks!

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