19 comments on “The Last Airbender: Legend Of Korra

  1. Why is the title The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, where in fact, she is a water bender?? I think it should be Avatar: Legend of Korra…

    • That was actually the original title! But last minute the switched from avatar to the last airbender.

      • oh yes, i read in a site about that one… maybe because Ang and Katara’s son (which is around 30-ish old) is the only Air bender (for now, though he has 3 children but their powers are not yet sure) and Korra will learn how to use Air bending through him.. I also read that she can use the 3 elements already, and though she is from the water tribe, and is originally a water bender, she always uses fire bending (which really shows her feelings, and attitude na boyish)

  2. hi chico,
    please try to do this!
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    3. search “Top 50 women on the web”
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    Ano kaya reaction nya dito?

  3. OMG!!! i did not know! there is a sequel!! I love the anime of the “AVATAR : the Last Airbender”…. thanks!! i’ll definitely watch it!… i’ll hunt the stream sites….

  4. Oh please Chico, anything right now is much better than that M. Night DISASTUH. XD

    And having seen the trailer, I am pretty confident that it will deliver.

  5. I’ve read somewhere that they cannot use “Avatar” any more because of intellectual property issues. Nauna na kasing gamitin yung term “Avatar” sa naunang movie re blue creatures, yung matatangkad na smurfs na nakatira sa big Balete tree na umiilaw. 🙂

  6. humuna humuna humunahh…..!!! i seized for 10 seconds after watching the teaser. im so excited for this. apparently it’s set in a more modern world, i wonder what Korra will be “balancing” this time. tama ka, this is moarr than an animated series, to real fans this is like one of those moments when the universe decided to breathe on us.

  7. It’s also possible that it’s called the last airbender is because Korra has aready mastered 3 elements when this show takes place. She only needs to learn airbending from… The last airbender, Aang and Kitara’s son.

  8. Is it just me or does it feels darker than the first Avatar? I hope it will still have comedy 😛 Speaking of, I miss Sokka!

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