24 comments on “Sooo Pinoy: Promoting Filipino Cuisine

  1. HI CHICO…I have a question that’s been bothering me for quite sometime. ANO BA ANG TAGALOG NG ADAM’S APPLE? pag sini-search ko kasi siya sa internet, LALAGUKAN ang lumalabas na result.alam ko dati kung ang tagalog nun kaya lang nakalimutan ko na…but i know for certain na hindi yun lalagukan. thanks chico.

  2. wow. so many projects for C & D this year! sunod kaya ay world domination na ng morning rush?? LOL.

  3. will those shirts be available sa mga Team Manila stores? Im only seeing Sorbetes and Tsokolate..

    btw, halo halo – head to CasaRap in San Jose Batangas! the best!!

  4. ah yes, that’s what i call working. 🙂

    enjoy and i hope to get a lotta great tips from them soon! 😉

  5. I hope you have an opportunity to go to JunJun & Malou BBQ in Cebu City, Capitol site. Eat to your hearts content, then sing your hearts out.

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