21 comments on “Google+

  1. Well…in this day and age, it’s no longer surprising that new SNW sites would come out and outdo even the most popular ones like FB. If it can happen to Friendster, it can also happen to FB and who knows, even Google +. I remember the first time an ad about ATMs was shown in TV. The last line was “what will they think of next ?”. Makes me wonder now how else can they make future SNW sites be even better than what Google+ is offering now.

  2. nice review Chico. have been pulling my hair to understand this but am having a hard time understanding as the thing automatically shows in arabic where i am now. good thing you posted this. thanks!

    and looky here..we’re just starting to understand the whole thinamajig and yet the “GreatFireWallofChina” already had it censored..too bad for them..now arent we glad we’re not on that part of the world? [RT TIME: Google+ has already disappeared in China | http://ti.me/q5pmmR (via @Techland)]

  3. It’s a good thing you’re finally on Google+.. there are a couple of interesting people on it. Local celebs such as Chuckie Dreyfus, APO’s Jim Paredes (who is very active there), Tom Anderson (the creater/founder of MySpace) and even Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano!

    I am really hoping Google+ becomes popular in the Philippines. Actually, my network is exploding right now. It started with a trickle (just few friends), then expanding to extended ‘circles’! Every day some one adds me. I sure will look for you and add you as well! 😉

  4. Thanks for a brief explanation on how it works. I have an account and it looks confusing although I haven’t really looked into it yet.

  5. I have an account. But my new work bans those, even Twitter. So I hardly go online when I go home…

  6. it’s also linked to your Gmail account, Google Docs…much like consolidating all your Google accounts(+ more!), you can even add/link other accounts(haven’t tried this yet…)

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  8. oh nice!..chico ur great in feeding us information,.i think its cool and we should try it… oh cant imagine if facebook will not be a most visited social networking anymore because of this upcoming Google..hope it not. =)

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