48 comments on “The Morning Rush 15th Anniversary Grand EB (The Photos)

  1. hays grabe super sayang di ako nakapunta…. sana napasign ko dn yung 2 cassette tapes ko kay chico and delle…. sana may nxt tym pa…. bad timing kasi yung sakit sumabay sa grand eb ng morning rush…. kainis… well still proud of this show and the unbeateable duo…. congratz again….

  2. Super cute ng cake and at the same time parang super SARAP nya!:D sana naka-punta ako sa EB nyo, para kasing SUPER DUPER FFFUUUNNN!!! more powers to you C&D! Godbless!:D

  3. Kakatuwa,kaka-inggit & i wish i was there in person.but luckily listening to u guys is close enough. I think if i ever c u guys in person one day mas ma-star-struck ako ng todo compare sa mga ibang na meet & nakitang intl celeb.Thank you Chico & Delamar for always lending us our your precious time,both the highs & low moments in our lives.They say one person makes a diferencef,but I reckon two makes a lot more impact. Happy 15th Anniversary Chico & Delamar!

  4. i feel so sad that i wasnt able to go there,i just hope na maulet ulet yun and i promise ppnta n tlga ako watever it takes love u c&d thanks for always completing my day….

  5. That was another memorable one for me. Of course, all my Tea Parties are memorable. Kaya talagang nakakaiyak nung pinatugtog niyo yung first Goodbye song. Those were the days. And we are still here. =)

    More power C&D! More years to come.


  6. last 30 minutes, naabot ko pa yun live broadcast nila. next time mas aagahan ko pa yun bangon. wala talaga ko masabi, dinumog ang 15th anniv. i’m happy to be there. grabe, blockbuster talaga..

  7. wah! sana talaga pumunta ko. i was at the area, robinsons galleria to be exact, that saturday morning kaso i’m a bit shy kasi mag-isa lang ako punta kung sakali. =(

  8. Sa dami ng tao di na kami ng mga pinsan ko nakasingit sa may photowall para magpa-piktyur at magpa-sign. Buti na-“intercept” ka na namin bago tuluyan namin kayong ma-miss ^_^
    Hope there will be a next time real soon. 5am palang pupunta na ako! Hehehe :p

    Thanks again Chico for sharing your morning with us. ‘Wag mong iiwan si Del kahit click kayo ni Gino sa umaga ha? 😦

  9. huwaa..di ako nakapunta..huhu..but still, while reading your blog, kinikilabutan ako..parang ngayon lang kasi nagsink in ung feeling na talagang years na din pala since i’ve became a silent rusher..hehe..thanks C&D for making me feel that we’re part of your family.. =)

  10. hahaha.. so blessed to be there! more years to come! 🙂 daig pa ang box office hit sa dami ng tao. hehehe

  11. nakakaiyak naman the article, and so kainggit naman the people who were able to attend. But I swear, kahit di ako naka-attend, I super love you CHICO & DELLE!

    Congratulations to us all! This is one successful marriage, I must say. 🙂

  12. again congrats! i woke up at 5am, snugod ang ulan and nasermonan dhil nalate ako s trabaho, but its all worth it. im soo happy being part of it. i was starstruck seeing u in person, 😀

  13. me again…. sa nxt maybe sa book launch, mas maraming tao lalo doon… kaya mag camp out na lang ako sa venue pra siguarado na… at dadalin q yung mga cassette tapes nyo… hehehe…. congratz again… we love you so much…

  14. I went to the anniversary alone after my shift…I was already at the venue by 5:30.it was raining,with no sleep but its worth it…i’m just too happy seeing chico and del after 10 years…starstruck lang.next year uli?!

  15. I was there too! We wanted to join the contest but there were so many people inside, we couldn’t be seen anymore.. but it was fun trying to answer all their trivia questions.. even more fun when we got the answers right! ..and waiting in line for our photo op turn was all so worth it! Congrats again C&D!

  16. Congratulations on your really awesome anniversary!!!! WAAAAH!!! Sayang hindi ako nakapunta… huhu!!! I could’ve seen both of you… haay…. Anyways, congratulations and more power to you guys!!!! =)

  17. i was there! :)) sobrang saya.. even though i dont get to listen to them every morning because of my work shift (4pm to 12mn), sobrang privileged ako to see them in person.kaya nga, i make it a point to listen to the morning rush kahet every monday lang.. hahaha. bummer.. happy 15th anniversary,.. :)) see you on your 30th anniversary :))

  18. “We will NEVER forget that day, when our listeners became our friends, lending support when we needed then, through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, through sunny days and monsoon rains, till sign-off do us part.”
    😥 happy tears

  19. Congrats chico n del…. the last Tea Party w/ Brad was STORMY !!!! but a lot of your fans showed up…. including me. too bad i missed this one……

  20. Congrats Chico and Del… you’ve been part of my life for a long time. Just want to say Thank you so much! nabibigyan nyo ng inspiration ang lahat! I’ve been single for a longtime, because of your topics… may mga nakuha akong tips.. look at me now im happily married! more power to you guys!

  21. thanks to chico and del for accomodating me and my boys that rainy memorable 15 th year anniversary of your/ our show ! more powers and anniversary to come

    ps i hate to admit it but chi chi and gigi do click but del and chico is better

    again more power

  22. Ayun ako, nakataas yung isang kamay haha! Happy Anniversary ulet! more and more happy and crazy mornings with Chico and Delle. we will never get tired of supporting. Rusher forever! 🙂

  23. i really wanted to attend the Eb but I have work that day. Been listening to you guys since college and listening to your show will always remind me of my twin sister. I know if she’s still alive she would have insisted to be there.. Congratulations guys!

  24. has it been 15 years? what I remember is I’ve been listening to this duo since 1st year college. in the summer of ’96 we even chose to interview them for our comm III course. tagal na pala no? but they seem to be still getting better. will never be tired of them.

  25. guilty ako! silent rusher… sayang d ako nakapunta pero tuned in nman ako sa bahay. hehehehe… u make my mornings even better specially pag sad ako… keep it up delia and chichi!! hahahahahhahahaha! sorry del! miss lang kita, 2 weeks kang wala e. hope to listen to you on monday… 😉

  26. hi chico! belated happy anniversary to you and delamar! i have been an avid listener since 1995. you and del have made driving from QC to Makati bearable and painless. 28 years old pa lang ako noon… very much single, ngayon, i’m happily married and i have a 6 year old boy! my husband alf is a new convert of TMR! more power to you!

  27. sayang…d nnmn ako nakapunta….3rd yr high school p lng ako listener nyo n kong 2…nsa kc p lng kayo hehe…imagine…29 n ko ngaun…whew….anyways,more fruitful yrs 2 come. grabe chico…wla kang kupas hehe…sna sa susunod makapunta nmn ako…para if ever magpacontest after 10 yrs…..ng cool pictures nyo ni del eh makakasali nmn ako hehe…

  28. huhuhu for me.!.. super sayang wala ako in dat unforgettable event ng rushers!!.,anyway wanna say congrats Chico and Del for d successful celebration..!.hope u guys wont leave us in the air, our mornings will not be complete without hearing ur voice and laughters!..i hope someday i meet both of you guys,.im your silent rusher since i was in highschool and now im working for 7 years and still your avid fan and i consider my ate and kuya in radio…love you both!. =)

  29. I was outside pero okay lang. Super saya ng feeling. I was even teary eyed when you guys played the goodbye song 😦 I was 14 when I first listened to you guys when you “just” transferred to KCFM. You literally saved my life because I was having such a suicidal moment because of some family probs, I opened the radio and tuned in to any station and got ya guys. From then on, Nanay would always wake me at 6am and tell me na “Rush Hour” na. Super nostalgic…after 10years, Nanay’s gone, I’m a yuppie now, nandyan parin ang mga “Heroes” ko. I want to thank you two from the bottom of my heart.I want to have my pictures taken sana pero okay na rin.so Daming tao and have to go to work then. I met you guys once when you had a symposium in our college. Super cool moment then! Thank YOU Chico and Del! ❤

  30. hi chico,
    been an avid listener since mid 90’s, from pup to work, to dubai to nz and now in oz….u and del were always with my journey, although through podcast n lng its still ok, more power and i promise to see u one day when i have my vacation s pinas…

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