15 comments on “Manila Zoo

  1. I agree. These animals should be set free if the zoo officials can’t find means and compassion to keep them healthy.

  2. this is corruption;s byproducts, let me just get that out…

    as for the solution, yes, it’s true. no fund-raising or budget allocation would save and sustain the state of the zoo unless the one who’ll run the project to do so has the passion to make this work.

    hopefully, my impression’s right that the reason why malabon, avalon, and tagaytay zoo is in better state is because it’s a business and at the same time, the owners care for, not just the money, but the animals as well.

  3. acer is right..super corrupt ang nagmamanage ng manila zoo. I went there recently and marami pa ring pumupunta lalo na pagweekends. 40pesos ang entrance fee but since marami pa ring ang pumupunta, i think they still have enough budget to take care of the animals, sad to say napupunta sa bulsa ng ibang tao.

  4. seeing the animals like those makes me feel sad.. they should be set free,, no fund raising please.. set them free,, if not.. just make sure that the animals are safe and healthy,, its a responsibility for the owners,, animals is also a creation of God,, we should take care of them as well.

  5. Woah, that Ostrich. ; _ ;

    I strongly agree too, if Manila Zoo cannot keep up with maintaining the place, they should just turn it into a park (nice idea by Carlos Celdran) and give the poor animals to the zoos around the Philippines that has the facilities (e.g. Avilon Zoo or that place I heard being thrown around in Palawan…). Geez…

  6. siguro i would say that most of my childhood memory ay nasa manila zoo.. i remember there were lot of people and vendors ng manga+bagoong, balloon vendors and Popsicle stick that time. but when i visited manila zoo last 2008. andun pa din ung mga vendors but wala ng tao that time. i think the funds sa kalusugan at sa pa sweldo ng mga tao na nagaalaga sa mga hayop sa zoo ay hindi na nasusuportahan ng pumpasok na pera para sa zoo.. i think kailangan talaga natin i-promote what we have(what we only have) para sa tao.
    when i went to manila zoo last 2008 tinanong ko ung mga vendors, “bakit parang iba na ung manila zoo?” they said “inaayos ung manila zoo” sobrang dami na din ng nagbago sa zoo that time, meron ng “dinosaur playground, super mossy lake(were you can paddle your boat to a parang muddy like surface+mabaho) and different path ways, wala ng snakes. and most of all wala ng giraffe. they said “manny paquaio will donate giraffe for the zoo(un ang sabi lang?!?). the elephants are so old and i think they remember my lat visit as well. hahah! the crocodile din! i saw the ostrich from the latest photos.. that time i visit kala ko lang nagpapalit lang sila ng feathers. but now hubad na pla sila, kawawa naman..
    i think as a filipino kasalanan din natin ito lahat. we are so forgetful of the things the we cherish when were young. and we forget to protect it. that we easily forget about manila zoo, manila bay, luneta park(tulugan ng walang matulugan pag gabi(i saw them)), fort santiago(puro foreigner), intramuros(alam lang gimikan, reception ng wedding) AY NAKALIMUTAN! because of our social status. ang “jologs naman” why would i go to that place that is so kadiri! amuy “poopoo”!(manila zoo). im guilty din.. madaling mag realize pag tapos na.. see madaling mag salita but its hard to support what we are saying.. when was the last time you visit?

  7. GRABE LANG! The zoo should be closed down for good. OR BETTER YET, demolished. I was raised in an environment that deem Manila Zoo as a fascinating place. BUT NOW I SEE THIS… THIS… UGLY PLACE.
    AND I HAVEN’T BEEN THERE YET. That’s what i’m sad about. 😦

  8. hi chico, great post! and yes you’re right raising funds will not be enough. the zoo not only needs an immediate action but also a sustainable one. i suggest bring the animals to Avilon Zoo na lang in Montalban, Rizal. I was there last April this year and iba talaga yung treatment/alaga nila sa mga animals.Plus, most of the animals hindi naka-cage na tipong di na makakilos as if nasa wild ung dating nila in a way. Yung Zoobic Safari din in Subic is okay pero di ko lang gusto yung idea na maxadong ‘for money’s sake’ ang dating dun. I’d still go with Avilon, i havent visited their Zoo in Tiendesitas-but its the same group of people. Maybe kya rin maganda sila mag-alaga dun kasi it really is a FOUNDATION (as I have read from their website) and nasa name pa lang…Wildlife Conservation Foundation. Sulit na sulit yung P300 na entrance fee compared to Manila Zoo’s P40 na maaawa ka naman ng bongga sa mga animals.

    I do hope kunin na lang ng Avilon ang animals sa Manila Zoo. Or take-over the administration of the zoo, well-trained at knowledgeable ang personnel nila.

    I am in no way affiliated with Avilon Zoo na-aapreciate ko lang talaga sila and I have a big heart for animals. Its sad how we care for dogs at our homes,pero yung ibang tao pinapabayaan ung ibang animals under their care.Sana man lang kahit nasa zoo lang they’d still feel closer to home(the wild) eh kung aso nga heart-breaking i-cage or itali then leave diba? Yung tipong nakikita mo lang pag pakakainin mo na.

    Thats sad…for me we should care for animals like how we care for our families, for our loved-ones.

  9. think of it this way.. if they set this creature free on the wild considering that they live (or born) here in the city.. they will surely not survive.. maybe the government should somehow support them instead of closing the zoo…

  10. chico, you might want to read Karen Ang’s update on this on her blog. the pictures you got were photos of the zoo two years ago and it is not the current state of the zoo at present. more details are on her blog Propinoy and at Faith Salazar’s blog http://www.tanggera.com


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