13 comments on “Free Phone Everyday For A Month On RXTMR!

  1. hitting two birds at the same time,to be no.1 in the top 10 plus a phone definitelu it will make me happy. Before this month ends, i know i will have that phone. i have a strong feeling na makukuha ko yan

  2. sana maging regular na rin si gino sa tmr. para chichi, gigi and dede. oops baka pagbawalan, chichi, gigi and delamar na nga lang. baka magsara na ibang radio stations pag nagkaganun. wala na makikinig sa ibang stations.

  3. wag nmn magsara what’s with competition although my sister works at a diff radio station we listen to rx but then wag nmn to the point na magsasara ang istasyon mahirap ang maghanap ng trabaho ngaun 🙂 let them have a healthy competition 🙂

    • hehehe healthy pa rin naman. taob lang ang katapat na shows. ang tmr, super nakakagaan ng araw. wapakels sa traffic basta naka-rx. lol. chichi, gigi and delamar, kayo na ang the best!

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  5. I just won this nice nice nice fone yesterday for top ten dramatic goodbyes! Boombastic fone ih yeah!

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