65 comments on “The “Large Reveal”

  1. Yey!!! Dream come true ito para sa mga adik na gaya ko! At least hindi ko na kailangang i-copy paste ang mga top ten sa blog mo at ayusin ang format bago iforward sa email para madaling basahin! At dahil madali na siyang ishare, marami na rin ang makakarelate sa amin! 🙂 Sana malaki ang venue ng book launch para magkasya kaming lahat, but not that big na wala na ang personl touch. Basta, sana may book signing ek-ek para f na f ang book! 🙂

    Congrats, C&D!!! Hindi pa man, I already know that this will be another success. 🙂

  2. I’m sure sold out agad yan, lalo na kapag ang book launch will be a few days or weeks before Del’s big day, swerte ang mga buntis! Sana top ten book 1 then book 2, sa dami ng great topics all over the years I’m sure di magkakasya yan in one book, good luck chico & del, we’re all looking forward to it.

  3. my guess, hindi naman puro entries lang sa top ten topic.siempre..siguro naglalaman din ito ng CnD’s top choices sa hollywood/local films, actors/actresses,books, their life-changing experiences, persons in their lives, songs..etc..etc.hope i can come this time- viudo cuarenta y cinco- cincuenta y ocho

  4. this is fantastic, a very good christmas gift idea too since it’ll be released on the last quarter of the year. hope santa gets to know about this on my christmas wish list.

  5. but then you don’t have the wednesday top 10s. i think 2 of my topics made it. kaso magagalit si delle pag ang nakalagay lang ay ‘compiled and edited by chico garcia’.

  6. wow! I’m excited for this. i’ll save up so that i can have a copy. congrats chico and delle!
    i agree with ODH, mganda kung mgpapa-contest kayo ng bout sa cover ng book. ^^

  7. wow, congrats again chico and del! promise bibilii ako at hindi maghahanap online ng pdf for my ebook reader. 🙂

  8. this will be a certified book seller. one question though, if this is the book of all the top 10 answer who will be the author of this book.lol

  9. uh oh… i hope some entries i don’t want “non-rushers” like some family and friends to see do not come out (assuming naman ako na marami akong entries na mapupublish, hehe…)!

    on 2nd thought, what the hell! i know i’m gonna love and treasure this book! hurray! 😉

  10. Finally!

    I do hope they make enough copies.. Ayoko nang maubusan, tulad dun sa mag feat. Chico. nagkaubusan e.

    This will definitely be a bestseller.

    Cant wait! 🙂

  11. omg!! bestseller na yan!! international bestseller!! kelan kaya ang audiobook, mas maganda yun para dinig pa din namin si jackie the tyanak at ang mga songs ni zinger zongwriter,haha..kelan pwedeng umorder ng advance copy? 🙂

  12. Please pakidamihan ang print, baka magkulang sa supplies hehehe… seryoso ako! lol
    Congrats congrats congrats!!! Sana hindi sobrang mahal, naku makapag-ipon na nga.

  13. Great! We will save the date. I hope it’s a bigger venue. The book is a nice addition to our collection! More blessings, Chico & Delle!

  14. hope you post here when its offically launched and in the market so i can get a copy. also hope its like 1k pages. 1 page 1 top ten. =P LOL.

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  16. I hope it reaches the province of “TETE”
    Please announce it if NBS of SM Clark or Pampanga has it..
    And ow, Congratulations!

    good luck sa magbabasa ng precious handwriting mo Chichi 😀

  17. Congrats chico & delle!! Im so excited i’d definitely get a copy. I’ve been listening to your show for almost 10 years…i hope when the book launches i could get you both to sign my copy. Hehe! More power chico & delle!! 🙂

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