9 comments on “The Top Ten Statements That Make You Uncomfortable

  1. Jenn: when my mom ask me the most craziest questions about my personal life over a meal at home -“Anak my boyfriend ka na?” Me: “Huh, ah wala pa” Mom: “Eh baka naman may girlfriend ka na?”

  2. a friend and her brother asked their parents if they still have sex. parents answered, “yes.” follow-up question: “when was the last time you did it?” Mom and Dad answered, “last night.” awkward. hehe

  3. two most uncomfortable statements/situation

    bro broke up w gf and flunked school, dad talked, later on asked me if i have a gf, i didnt reply, restated the question, if i have a bf. ugh

    drunk pre-graduation party (uni), all in the living room, and asked me, as the only openly gay in the class, who i like in class. am honest so i told them. those two guys then said, hey, we’re cool 😀 phew!

  4. .. one time inumaga ako from a gimik .. pag uwi sa bhay and during breakfast tinanong ako ng;
    ” nkipagsex kb ? buti kpa kasi kami hindi dahil sa pag aalala sayo”

    grr .. hhaha

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