85 comments on “The Morning Rush 15th Anniversary Grand EB!

  1. Advance Happy 15th Anniversary! I wish I could be there and listen to you live. I hope my bff would be able to go there though. Anyway, does your “LARGE” reveal have something to do with a certain philstar.com last June 12 that I read about? 🙂 More power!

  2. soooo excited! this is one special occassion i am soo willing to wake up early on a weekend! happy anniversary to all of us. can’t wait to finally meet you guys! cheers to many more years =p

  3. Advance happy anniversary C&D!

    Going to Ortigas (gym, coffee at Coffee Bean) every Saturday morning has been some sort of a ritual for me these past few months. This Saturday, I will have a different reason for waking up early! I’m already excited to meet you guys!

    See you on Saturday!
    P.S.: Can I go on air during the broadcast? Please… 🙂

  4. happy 15th anniv.dj chico and dj delle!!:)
    wow! 15 years of doin’ a great show..more power..

    uh-oh! pretty bad its gonna be on saturday got a whole day of lazy saturday class..too bad i’m all free every friday:(
    hmm..but anyway i’m sooo happy for that biiig event to be…
    may the good LORD always blesses you guys!!:)
    long live morning rush…:)

  5. congratulations, dj chico and dj delle. I have been a silent rusher since late 90s. i pray for the show to last a lifetime and may you both be blessed career and family wise. kudos!=)

  6. wow happy anniversary 🙂
    kainggit naman sana nanjan ako to attend 😦
    sana may SG tea partee din 😀
    more power to TMR and Godbless you Chico and Del 🙂
    I can’t wait for the LARGE reveal 😀

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  8. it’s been a rollercoaster journey that both of you had for the past 15 years…..despite that on some occassions that the world has turned upside down, the morning rush is still there and has remained to this day a force to reckon with on the FM band.
    i won’t be able to join the EB on that day, but we would like to extend our congratulations on your 15 years of being on-air and our comedy partner. a big toast for more years to come and wishing both you and delamar more success on any endeavors you would undertake in the future!
    btw…bakit yung ugly pic ni delle lang yung nandyan? nasaan yung kay chico? hehehe XD

  9. Nice! Congratulations, Chico and Del! I actually have a sort of a team building this coming saturday, but I am going to scratch that out and will attend the anniv EB instead. that’s how special you are to me (naks, sumisipsip lol!)

    See you all, Rushers! and happy anniversary to all of us!

  10. Happy Anniversary Guys! Too bad I can’t make it, I’m still under bed arrest :-> recovering from my ulcer.

    From the original (old) rushers namely: tuna belly, gorgeous b, young indy, joe shred etc… Happy 15th anniversary guys! may our tribe increase!

  11. Congratulations, C&D! I’m really sad that I won’t be able to join you guys this Saturday since I’ll be out of town. Be that as it may, I would like to extend my appreciation to you both for being part of my mornings since I was in 6th grade back in 1996. My friend and I even considered being DJs because of you two.

    I’m already a young professional now and I still listen to your show when I drive to work or in the office. You two are my morning pick-me-ups.

    Thank you so much for being icons and voices of, not just our generation, but also, of present and future generations. More power and keep on spreading smiles!


  12. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    di ako kasali!!! im working pa sa time na yun :((
    but, kengrecheleyshennnnsss! may you still continue to bring happiness and may your voices be heard by every single ear on earth!

  13. I’m a proud silent rusher. I’ve been listening since your show started in ’96. I remember i used to move around the house (I used to live in Lipa, and finding signal is hard that time), with my cassette radio, just to find a good signal so i won’t miss any episode of C&D. Your tandem makes my day complete.
    Thank you! Keep on inspiring!

  14. Happy 15th Anniversary to TMR!!!!! been listening for 14years pero nahihiya ako pumunta sa saturday but I really really want to… lolz!

  15. happy anniversay chico and del ! too bad, wont be able to join as i have class till 12nn, sana whole day event na lang 😉 thanks for being the usual morning habit of my life, without you, my mornings will be blue

  16. Sana makapunta kami ni wifey ko. Kaso may work ako. Sana pwede ako maghalfday ng saturday makarating lang.

    An avid TMR fan. Rusher since 2000, Rush Hour days pa.

    • @moks yun ba yung title ng show nila nung nasa DWKC pa sila? hahaha! Fan ako nung andun pa sila sa KC

      – congrats chico and del!

  17. hi chico, congratulations! been an avid listener since 2002 (during my college days) & now just barely surviving by listening to the podcasts (thanks bluritz!) since i’m working at Bicol. i hope i could come, kaso my flight from Bicol will arrive almost lunchtime,..huhu

  18. Congratulation to both of you for reaching this feat ^_^ It just sucks that, I cannot come because I have work on Saturday! I just hope that there will be dinner version of the celebration of TMR’s 15th year. 😀

  19. congrats to you guys… hope to see you guys…..kasi ever since na nadiscover ko ang radio i listen na to you guys…hahaha…kidding aside…mama ko mas nauuna pa sa aking magbukas ng radio para lang makapakinig sa inyo guys and would you believe na isang radio station lang ang nka preset dun at un ang RX931 san ka pa..hahaha..

  20. Hi Chicco and Delle! First of all, congrats on your 15th anniversary! More years to come. We may drop by with my bikers club this Saturday before our quick tour to sierra madre. Its also our club’s anniversary. Greet us on air! 🙂

  21. Congrats to chico & delle more power to RX TMR 15th anniv… so excited to greet you both personally but can’t go there…anyways, continue to be the best that you can be … stay happy & so nice for showing “the real you” so funny & yet very informative & always enlightening our mood in the morning …. more power!!! RX TMR …

  22. I am so proud to say that i am a rusher since ’96. Silent nga lng unlike Purple Rose, Cherry D Great, Ralph Waldo, etc. Inggit na inggit ako sa kanila noon kapag ung entries nila nababasa on air at pag gini-greet nyo sila na parang barkada. Well, feeling ko din naman barkada ko na din kayo ni del. 15 yrs nyo ba naman na ako’ng pinapasaya e. On rare occasions, pinapaiyak din lalo na pag birthdays nyo. What can i say? I cant thank you enough guys for being my english/grammar teachers, my clowns, my role-models, my travel companions, my crazy/sleazy/uber-funnneee friends kahit once ko pa lang kayo nakita in person. THANK YOU, C&D, for 15 years of sunny mornings regardless of the weather! 😀
    Sana maka attend ako 😀

  23. Happy Anniversary, C&D! Thanks for making our mornings a lot brighter kahit anong weather! 🙂 Looking forward to hearing the two of you for a very looooooooong time. Hope I can see you again. I’m a “medyo” silent rusher, minsan nakakasali kasi ako sa mga promos nyo, minsan sa top 10. Enjoy talaga makinig sa inyo! God bless!!!

  24. Congratulations! More years on air…hanggat maging lolo at lola na kayo. I am one of those silent rushers; I’ve been listening to your show since 1997 and now that I’m living here in Canada I still listen via live streaming. HA HAHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA…more laughters on air with Chico and Delle. May God bless you both!

  25. hehehe ako din silent fellow rusher ella. been a fan nila chico & delle since 1997. To Chico & Delle, HAPPY 15TH ANNIVERSARY. Grabe ang ngiti ko tuwing umaga on my way to work and guess what, i actually transcribed TMR Top Ten List at isa-isa ko syang wina-YM (group) message sa mga office mates ko di pa TMR converts just to let them know the good reason why I’m laughing every morning! You both crazy guys is what’s keeping me sane! God Bless you both! Chico, fave ko na tuloy yung IKAW NA expression nyo! Cheers!!!

  26. aww! i hope i can drop by. Binata/dalaga na ang C&D tandem. Will jackie tiyanak be there? Oh, I wanna see chico doing jackie Tiyanak in action! Yey!

  27. happy anniversary…i wont miss this chance to see you both…the last time isaw you guys was at the tea party in annapolis, san juan…sayang di pa uso nun yung celfone na may camera…pangjudkod nang yelo pa ang cp ko nun hahaha….

  28. i can’t make it ( hu hu hu ! )..,pero please..please…( he he he )..ituloy pa rin nyo ! ( ha ha ha ! )

  29. wow! morning rush has been in the air for that long na pla … i must apply for a leave of absence sna lang payagan ni bossing 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS AND A LOT MORE HAPPY AND FRUITFUL YEARS TO COME! GOD BLESS! :):):)

  30. huwaattttttt? Chico is also pregnant? Wahahaha Enjoy you guys.. so sorry i got out of the country early. Long live Chico and Del. 😉

  31. haha, lapit na grumadweyt ng high school ang career baby nyo! can’t believe it’s been 15 years! keep up the good work!

  32. parang gusto kong pumunta pero i don’t know anyone. haven’t attended any rusher EB ever! *scared* but i really want, too! 🙂

  33. Been a silent rusher since high school at isang beses palang ever akong nakapasok sa Top Ten, and dahil bum ako… kahit wala nalang akong kasama makapunta lang! I hope I can make it on Saturday. 🙂 Happy anniversary Chico and Del! 😀

  34. gusto ko pumunta… pero hiya ako. hehe.

    Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS! Chico and Delle…
    I love you guys. di nyo lng alam, hehehe.

  35. i was soooo starstruck with you earlier, chico! grabe i am very happy to finally meet you! sayang i hadn’t got the chance to see delle kanina! tapos i have work pa this weekend kaya i’ll miss the grand EB..hopefully i can visit you na lang on the booth one of these days!

  36. I’m setting my clock @ 4:00am so that I can leave Angono, Rizal and make it just in time for the Live show to start!!!! Kahit ako lang mag-isa!!! Who knows? If I get there early enough, MAKADAUPANG PALAD ko pa sina Chico & Del. Dream come true!!! Please Lord, let me meet them in person!!!

  37. Buti na lang, mom is not gonna be home nasa church seminar. Wala rin mga batang pamangkins nasa lolo at lola nila! Well I’ve got the perfect reason not to sulk alone at home- TMR Grand EB!!!! Tapos ng show kain sa Banchetto!!!!

  38. its been !5 years for you guys but only 3yrs for me. i started listening to tmr cos of my sis who records the top10 before & now im completely hooked. i recall my very 1st EB last April’09, i remember being awed & starstrucked when i met you guys for the first time, getting to meet the people you only hear on-air it really was a surreal experience thats why i encourage the silent listeners to join, promise you’ll have the best time you’ll remember all your life 🙂

  39. its been !5 years for you guys but only 3yrs for me. i started listening to tmr cos of my sis who records the top10 before & now im completely hooked. i recall my very 1st EB last April’09, i remember being awed & starstrucked when i met you guys for the first time, getting to meet the people you only hear on-air it really was a surreal experience thats why i encourage the silent listeners to join, promise you’ll have the best time you’ll remember all your life 🙂

  40. its been !5 years for you guys but only 3yrs for me. i started listening to tmr cos of my sis who records the top10 before & now im completely hooked. i recall my very 1st EB last April’09, i remember being awed & starstrucked when i met you guys for the first time, getting to meet the people you only hear on-air it really was a surreal experience thats why i encourage the silent listeners to join, promise you’ll have the best time you’ll remember all your life 🙂

    • buti ka pa mojacko! ako 14 years na, tv ko pa lang sila nasilayan, when they have a stint in GMA 7’s SOP! Kaya nga gusto ko pumunta magpunta bukas kahit solo flight ako! Tama ka being a silent rusher, its the least I could do to show how thankful I am for the laughs! Si Delle kaninang umaga uber sa pagkahormonal she’s practically choking! But understandable! Wag lang me ma-starstruck baka ma-freeze ako lalo kay Chico!!!!

      • naku Tolsky, it’ll be normal to feel starstuck in front of these “legendary DJs!” just dont get Delamama too emotional, iyakin talaga siya, pati si Chico, hehe. They would really love to see in person the people they only know in radio. 🙂

    • ang hirap naman ng “come as your username” teh? hmmm what to wear what wto wear…dadalhin ko digicam ko just to make sure i’ll have the crispiest pixel-perfect pic ko with Chico & Del!!!! Please lemme…yung lang pruweba ko pag umuwi ako tapos

  41. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!!!! You two are great and just so you guys know i’m one od the thousands who listen and laugh my ass off in the morning on my way to work… Yup it’s true, even if i had a crappy night i know in the morning i’ll have a reason to laugh.. Thank you!!!

  42. boom boom boom!!!

    sayangz, wit akeiwa makaka-join-sung sa grandness at fabulousang EB na ‘toh. havs ng gigs si atashi sa tagaytei, at gora pa apter sa zoobic para sa isa pang show. bisibisihan ang lolah nyong 48,000 years nang nakikinig kay papa chico at tiya delya (ooops…sorry, hot mommy delle). sana havs ng ispeyshul appearance si jackie chanak para ma-orkot ang mga rushers, at mag-behave sa partee. jokjokjok jejejejeje.

    may i greet ko ng bonggacious ng piptin annibersalu ang morning rush, ang ambitabol duo, ang mga rushers na ‘active’, ‘silent’, at yung mga ‘in da closet’, ang mga manong drayber na naghahatid sa amin ebri morning, ang mga ‘sashal’, ‘burgis’, at ‘konyo’, ang mga listeners sa ibang panig ng bansa, continent, planeta, pati na rin yung mga nasa ‘ibang galaxy’, ang mga bichesa’t echoserang jejemon, jejefrog, at jejeklah, ang mga tanderkats at mga ‘oldies’ na rushers (sexy germs, hbomb, joti, lucio, young indy, ralph waldo, at ang mga babae, isama na yung mga binabae), ang mga negang entities na waing karir, ang mga batabatutang nagpapa-grit nang kaaga-aga, sa RX management at ibang du-jeis, sa iyo, sa akin, at sa ating lahat! mabuhei pilipins!

  43. well, i just became a rusher last nov 2010…but my loyalty to the show hasn’t faded since even! cheers to 15years of crazy antics and inspiring talks!:D

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  45. Can you please post pictures of Morning Rush 15th Anniversary Grand EB. I would love to see you Chico Garcia and especially Delamar Arias.. Thanks..More Power.. Long Live the Rushers..

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