14 comments on “World’s Ugliest Dog 2011

  1. I think Sam was the three-time title holder of the WOrld’s Ugliest dog from 2003-2005 but he died in late 2005. Even if he’s that “ugly” I’d still take care of him.

  2. ooopss…sorry…napaatras ako sa monitor nun nakita ko yung si Sam…I’m a dog lover too pero that photo is really scary. Guess i’ll have nightmare tonight.

  3. I have seen ugly dogs and ugly people. I think Sam should be winner of the Ugliest BEING regardless of race, sex or species. As for nightmares? He’d stop them cold and make them run the other direction. Oi is he ugly. So long as he knew who I was I’d be fine with him though, I mean pugs are ugly but most love them and I found them to be more viscious.

  4. im finding this years winner cute too & with an awesome name like Yoda, hands down, thats one KUH-REYZY dog! sad to hear about Sam though, there’s a lot of ‘Askals’ here in the metro that scavenge food but worse People hunt them to be food. Hope they find a home that will take care of them.

  5. CHICOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So it’s past 12 midnight now and that photo of Sam is not the kind of image I’d like lingering in my head at this hour. Scary!

  6. I love dogs and even if sam’s a bit scary, im sure just like any dog, he loves hia human like crazy… Aftet all they are man’s best friends!!

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