8 comments on “The Top Ten Things You Learned From Facebook And Twitter

  1. yup i agree with them, chico..the new graphical user interface is somewhat unbalanced..at first, i thought it was just my laptop..pero i tried browsing on other computers, and i got the same look..

    sana you can revert to your original template 🙂

  2. Mga kapatid, kapamilya at kapuso, huwag nyo sananag masamain, pero account ito ni Chico. May karapatan syang gawin ang anumang bagay dito na gusto nya. Ok lang naman na maglagay tayo ng sentiment or comment natin about the layout or template, but the final decision will still be Chico’s . Basta ako, happy na ako na may nababasa akong blog na nagpapaligaya sa kin sa araw-araw lalo na sa mga panahong kailangan ng pampaaliw. So thank you very much Chico. Keep on writing or sharing your talents with us. By doing so, you’re definitely a blessing to others! (although minsan…well madalas yata.. medyo may mga kabastusan ng konti :-), pero pwede ng palampasin…hehehe…

  3. @aprilraine — sensitive much? =)

    Chico of all people does know how to accept constructive criticisms, and I believe there’s no harm done in voicing out opinion, especially if one’s only pointing out the format and not the content. We all love C’s musings on his blog, that’s why we go here. But not everyone appreciates some kind of formatting. As for me, I don’t mind. As long as I can read the entry and look at the pictures or view the vids and can comment on them, it’s all good. =)

  4. someone’s chances of being actually gay is increased by the number of “male” mutual friends u have haha

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