16 comments on “Sung-Bong Choi (Korea’s Got Talent)

  1. aww, my sentiments exactly. i know what you’re saying. believe me. i’m living it every day.

  2. Hi Chico, first of all, thank you for posting this video. Maybe one of Sung Bong’s purpose in life is to touched our hearts, to appreciate life. He really sang very well, what a talent. Thank you Lord for everything and may He always bless us all…

  3. He looks legit. It’s interesting how he got to have some vocal training despite the hardships he’s had, but it doesnt matter – he’s good and he’s gonna blow them away…

  4. When you have everyone at your back, you’d never feel alone . And sometimes, you would like to tell everyone “leave me alone” . Sometimes, being alone has its perks. No one is getting on your case.

    Anyway, I thank the Lord that I have a daughter now and (although, anything can happen) i feel that I will never be alone again.

  5. i cried even before he sang.. deeply touched by his story.. parang shang si August Rush ( in real life).. got me thinking how blessed I am now..

  6. This boy’s courage and faith will surely lead him to a better life. He just doesn’t only touches us emotionally, he teaches us to be thankful and avoid complaining about the hardships we encounter in our everyday struggle. We give in easily if we fail and deal with it miserably but this boy still stands up proudly alone even if he suffered many rejections in his life. In his young age, he already proved his worth.

  7. thanks for posting this inspiring story! made me cry too even before he sang. such courage and fortitude – awesome! he is such a fine example of resiliency of the human spirit.

  8. “We don’t have to be alone to feel alone” … so true (another quotable quote by the sage Mr Chico Garcia)

  9. difficult life ha. mas gwapo pa sya sa karamihan dyan at malaking blessing na yun. huhuhuhu……

  10. I was speechless… tears were flowing from my eyes.. I couldn’t think of words to say.. I just cried and cried… I love this young man..how could his Mother abandoned him..but see how he was guided and carried all along by God … God bless him.. really tear jerking…God is alive, HE sees everyone, HE truly blesses the less fortunate…this golden voice is a gift from heaven!! more power….

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