14 comments on “Flu Shot 2011

  1. You had the flu shots ON AIR??? How tres strange! I see nary a tear. You know, the latest research says that the pain is LESS if you DON’T look away. I wonder if you will remember this factoid in 2012. Then your body will feel only like leche flan afterwards.

  2. i was listening to you when you had your shots yesterday. it is true that it is best to have the shot so that you’ll be protected. we will be having our annual shots this coming june.

  3. My family had our vaccines a few weeks ago. After giving birth, I must say that I became slightly braver when faced with needles than when I was not a Mom yet. However, there are people who are really “mabigat ang kamay” and nomatter how you ignore the pain, it is still there.

    I just had my blood test sample done a while ago and the med tech doesn’t have that soft touch. I guess she’s still a newbie. So now, I have this small bruise on my arm.

    Here’s hoping for speedy “recov” to us. =)

  4. i also had my anti-flu shots last week. it was indeed ngawit after the injection.
    Anyway, good for you guys. Good for us.

    Also, i longed to see delle. ano kaya baby nya? boy or girl? 🙂 TC delle. and chico.

  5. I also have fear of injections eventhough I experienced like 30+ times because I had been confined when I was in HS. One time someone said to me: “huwag kang gumalaw baka mabali yung needle uulitin na naman natin ulit to” So I was scared, mas malala nga pag ganun nangyari kaya ayan lagi ko iniisip pag ini-injection ako. :))

    So Chico ayan na lang lagi mong isipin para di ka matakot hahaha!

  6. i have been a silent rusher for years. i have been following you guys for the longest time. but after reading this blog, it dawned on me . . . delamar pregnant!?! when? did the news went past me entirely? i told my wife and she was . . . “talaga!?! kelan!?!” we were both curious about this extremely great news and were wondering if we were both oblivious of this because of laughing are hearts out. she said she heard some clues/hints that delamar was preggy but didn’t catch the entire story.

    well, anyways, were still here keeping silent as usual but still enjoying your show (and your blog) as we both have been doing for the past joyful years.

    good luck delamar and congrats.

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