20 comments on “Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia (The Resort)

  1. I love how you described “King Kong-ish” mist hahaha….scary!
    Ang ganda ng resort…and the golden sand! Your shot there looks like you’re gonna attack! Fierce!

  2. The place is great.. I should visit that place before my assignment here in Malaysia ends.. 😀

  3. Hi chico, ako yun nagtweet sa yo about timezone ng malaysia at sg, kasi ang sg dating part ng malaysia then kapareho nya ang time ng malaysia (west) kaso ang west malaysia sinusunod din ang time ng east malaysia which is nasa ibang timezone, kaya mali ang oras na ginagamit dito sa sg and west malaysia

  4. Great pictures specially the golden sand… I’ll start saving so we can visit the place. Thanks for sharing the pictures and most all… the experience! 🙂 Love it! God bless!

  5. Did u ask why the plane nosedived? (teka hndi ba nosedove ang past tense nito? Hehe) kung sakin ngyari yan, it’d take me a whole year before i can ride planes agen.

  6. Great pictures. I love the golden beach photo and the last pool photo the most. 🙂 Btw, who were you with during these trips? I thought at first that you were adventuring alone, but then you had someone take your picture.

  7. And, didn’t you thought about selling the ring? Wala bang pawnshop dun? 😛

  8. chico! i almost choked on my coffee when i saw you’re “drowning” face in your photo! haha, that was quite good! =p i checked out the ring picture, yep definitely “DIED”.

  9. I’m starting to believe that the ring really was cursed. What had happened on the plane probably could have gotten worse if you didn’t return the ring.

  10. sh t. I dont know y i keep seeing these things.U need to get rid of those ring pics Chico. I see a face inside that ring on ur palm. A blessing isnt a bad idea.

  11. I don’t know why there’s some sort of blue aura in the third pool photo but it’s awesome.

  12. i didn’t notice when i read it before but since you mentioned it here i checked and now it definitely popped out, the word “DIED” really scared me too but yea maybe the ring was trying to tell you something. The place must’ve been amazing based on your photos 🙂

  13. hi chico ,

    Peoples mind can create images based on what it dictates, i didnt see any honestly. product of our imagination ;-).

    Showed this to my husband and he’s so fascinated. if I may ask, was the travel arrangement made in the Phil or directly in Tanjong jara, Ok lang if I ask for the contact numbers ? THank you so much.

    I am a silent rusher,

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