21 comments on “Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever?

    • I agree. this is public, whereas yung kay Chico, mukhang nireserve yung theater – nagbabaan lahat ng tao after ng proposal.

  1. mas maganda pa rin ang marriage proposal ko. hahaha. bitter? kuhang-kuha sa iba’t-ibang anggulo ng CCTV.

    • yeah, the new theme has mixed reviews, but ill stick with this one for while, i really like it. just to break the monotony.hopefully it grows on you!

  2. nice one….nainggit tuloy ako bigla.BTW,ganda ng bagong look ng blog mo chico….LOVE IT!!!!

    • thanks! some like it, some like the old one better. me, i really like the spare design, plus the black background frames the photos better!

  3. chico, best proposal ever for me [albeit this is fiction] was ben-felicity. spontaneous. no speech. no ring. naisip nya lang, “i was wondering if you would marry me.” in the end, di pa nga siya sure if na-engage sila that he had to ask, “so, what happened a while ago, are we…” so felicity had to say “yes, we’re engaged!”

    more than the theatrics, if it ever happens to me, i prefer the spontaneity of ben’s proposal. kahit magulo. 🙂

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