15 comments on “Bali, Indonesia (Day 3)

  1. wahahahaha!chico naramdaman ng bat yung connection nyo kaya ganon! (mahilig sa porn?LOL) kalabit siguro yun ng paglalambing pero the bat wanted it to be a bit “rough” ahahahaha

    Rafting is the best experience i ever had! it’s worth all the pain lalo na pag magnificent ang beauty ng nature!

    thanks for sharing chico!

  2. your bat picture’s thing is sooooo prominent. di na kailangan ung ibang porn pix na self inflicted. i can jsut imagine 🙂

  3. you are so funny Chico!! bat porn star?!! whoa!!
    i think u should also try rafting at CDO.. had a great time there..

    • I agree. You need to try CDO White Water Rafting. It’s one of the best adventures I had. 🙂

  4. the way you told the story about the bat is so hilarious, cant help laughing my heart out ! Oh Man, Chico, you’re the best in story telling. And the adventure goes… so what happened when you turn in the ring ??

  5. the story bout the ring was so bitin hehehehe,, i think the owner choose to throw then make bulong or sumpa,,, maybe he/she was brokenhearted or something hayyyzzz….

  6. hi chico, off topic, i’ve just bought my first camera, a canon s95! haha! it’s all because of your influence. eversince you’ve bought yours, i really contemplated in buying it. thanks chico, you’re such an inspiration. =)

  7. Bat porn star? Panalo yan!!
    Teka baka naman kaya napulot mo yun ring kasi tinapon ng may ari… Kasi MALAS!! Hehehe

  8. Chico, the boatman who saved your life, he looks exactly like Franzen, ung housemate ni kuya from PBB Season 1… ^_^

  9. Chicco and the bat porn star!
    Seriously Chicco you’re hilarious!
    Siguro kaya nya scratch young face mo kasi gusto mong sabihin yung “nagtakip ka nga ng mukha nakalabas naman yung tootoot mo!” May ESP yung bat porn star!

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