16 comments on “Bali, Indonesia (Day 2)

    • hi chico..thanks for greeting me and oriel yesterday =) your pictures are amazing!
      keep it up! kakainggit ah

  1. Di ko maimagine kung anong parte ng katawan yun.. Hita ba yun tas yung lower part e butt mo na?Ü

  2. Ahahaha. tinitigan ko talaga at inisip anong parte ng torso yun kasi mukha talagang matabang hita. Hehe. Nagets ko lang yung pic after seeing what’s between your fingers.ü

  3. you take great pictures chico! and i always check on your blog since i created a link on mine. it’s definitely entertaining, informative, and worth-reading. 🙂

  4. hi chico. I like the way you photograph things :>
    can you tell me what camera you use? and do you edit them? thanks

    • i use 4 cameras, a nikon d90, a nikon d40x, a canon s95, and a canon d10. and yes, i edit using lightroom.

  5. i think the ring u found is a horcrux ;D
    love your pictures, love your stories, more please!

    • haha a horcrux! i love that theory! yes, more stories about that mysterious ring coming up!

  6. Sarap naman ng food!!!!
    While looking at the photo of the monitor lizard, i remember a dream i had after watching a feature on komodo dragons sa discovery chanel. It was said that id bitten by the dragon one is most likely to die because of the numerous bacteria found in between their teeth and mouth.. So sa dream ko may dala akong giant toothbrush, toothpaste and gallons of listerine… O di ba di na sila infectious??? Alam ko di relevant comment ko… Naalala ko lang.. Anyway great pics chico!!!

  7. Love the photos, Chico specially those elephant statues on the pool ^_^ It’s all worth it in carrying 4 cameras?! WOW! Sulit!!!

    Thanks for sharing your adventures through your photos and blogging. Can’t wait for your next trip. Just stay safe always, ok? 😉

  8. Did you ever return the ring? And I don’t think it’s an infinity sign. Maybe you can twitpic it to Kuya Kim and ask him about it. Mukha talagang isinumpa yang my precious mo. It even says “died.”

    Anyways, great posts about your trip. 🙂

    • to be honest, first time someone pointed out that it spelled a word, i refused to look at it. but curiosity got the better of me. when i saw that it does kinds spell out that word, i freaked out! waaahhhh!!!!!!!

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