23 comments on “LUGAchris and Baby Yesha

  1. Congrats Daddy Lugacris! I’m sure your daughter would never forget what you’ve done! LUGA!!!!!

  2. Admirable Lugacris! This is what a father does for the love of his daughter!When your daughter celebrates your debut I hope this will be played in her party…

  3. if there’S a word for thank you that goes on forever to everyone please let me know. =)

    ei chico, just wanted to share something. actually, waiting outside made me realize how lucky Yesha was to have those tickets. While walking around outside, I saw a lot of kids and parents, who has no tickets,but still brought their kids with them just to hear, not to see, justin bieber. I saw their excitement as if they were inside the concert area. So I thought, wow! I feel so lucky for my baby.

    just saying. =)

    T H A N K Y O U E V E R Y O N E!

  4. I replay this song for like 20times already pero di pa rin ako nagsasawa! Haha!


  5. @daddy christian,

    yesha is one lucky kid to have you! my gosh, kahit tatay ko di magtyatyaga mag-remake ng kanta gaya ng ginawa mo. =) seriously, i’ve played your song so many times here in the office, pati ung officemates ko touched na touched sa ginawa mo. a bigger THANK YOU for many us laugh, cry & smile at the same time! woohoo! idol! =p

  6. daddy LUGAChris, dahil sa galing mo, nakabisado ko na yung rap mo (special thanks to Specialist Joe for the lyrics). Sana magkaroon kayo ng collab ni Zinger Zongwriter 🙂 , again congrats to you, i hope i can be as cool as you when i become a dad in the future, IDOL! 😉

  7. hah, i always listen to TMR but i missed the show just when you’re featuring people i do know (kuya ko yan hehe)! thanks chico and del for this blog and thanks to all those who appreciated Christian’s piece of work (and life!). he’s got some original works you might also want to check out.

  8. Hi Daddy Lugachris!listening to the podcast…ito talaga ang una kong dinownload coz I was at the office nung narinig ko entry mo…that was so touching… Your baby and wifey must be very proud of you…

    Thanks for posting Chico…

  9. Pretty daughter and very talented father. Kaya masarap magkaroon ng mga daddy na tulad ni Daddy Chris, gagawin ang lahat para kanilang baby. Aside from being funny, very touching ang lyrics. Nangingilid din ang luha ko kahit ilang beses ko i-play to. Congratulations! 😀

  10. I was curious who won the tickets and when i founs out that u won, haayyyy para na rin akong nanalo!! I heard the entry on my way to the office and yes i agree panalo ang hagikgik ni delle!!! Bongga talaga ginawa mo daddy chris and i’m so happy u won.. Of course nice din naman yun ibang entries… But there’s just something about a parent doing anything and everything for their kids.. Zinger zongwriter may kalaban ka na!!!

  11. This is amazing!!! I was laughing all through out the song when I first heard it! OMG, Baby Yesha would forever remember this! Daddy Christian, you already!! The second time I watched, I got teary-eyed na!

    This is soooo touching! :))

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