111 comments on “Justin Bieber VIP Ticket Giveaway Winner!

  1. Hahahahahaha!

    “I’ll do everything! Sangla ang wedding ring!”

    homaygad, someone post the lyrics of this please. 😀

  2. Grabe!!! Deserving talaga!!! His kid won’t forget what his daddy did! Galing!
    I laughed hard sa part ng rap ah… “…When I was 13, wala pang JB, puro lang si Andrew E….”

  3. ayus na ayus ang ginawa ni daddy… naalala ko tuloy ang tatay ko. He bought the three of us na magkakapatid ng tickets sa Bruno Mars Concert as a gift bago sya umalis for abroad! yahoo!!!

    Congrats Daddy

  4. Rejoicing, not because Daddy Christian won the ticket, but for the abundance of love… anything for her daughter. Baby Yesha, i hope you do appreciate daddy’s pure love. Good Job Daddy! Lyrics please 🙂

  5. Daddys are so GREAT talaga! They will do everything, kahit ung mga things na hindi nila ginagawa, just to make their beloved children happy. 😀
    Congrats to the Winner Daddy, hope you and baby Yesha sing- a- long with JB sa concert! 😀

  6. the Rap was the best, he could give the all-famous Zinger Zongwriter a run for his money! 🙂

  7. I had goosebumps while listening to this. Kahit nung 2nd time na meron padin. SUPER LIKE 😀

  8. i was in the jeep when i heard this… buti n lng naka shades ako walang nkapanin na naluha ako… hahahaha

  9. I knew i’d get to see this blog entry as soon as i get home, that’s why i immediately checked ur site chico.. 🙂 the best line: “Sangla ang wedding ring!!” LoL!

    This is what morning rush is all about.. good vibes for breakfast! 🙂

  10. Hindi lang si Baby Yesha yung pinasaya ni Daddy Christian,kundi lahat ng listners ng TMR kanina! “One thousand PISOS” LOL!:D Astig ka talaga Daddy Christian! \m/

  11. tawa talaga ako kanina habang nasa jeep ako as in halakhak ang ginawa ko nakaakhiya kasi later i know na naka head set pala ako at ako lang nakakakinig ng songs….its nice o great i mean..you deserve the tickets

  12. Super like! I was on my way to office and was running late, pero okay lang good vibes pa rin because of this! Nung narinig ko to I was like, panalo na tong entry na to! :)) Congrats Daddy Christian and Baby Yesha! 😀

  13. i cant laugh out load inside the jeep kanina, pigil na pigil but i was grinning from ear to ear while this entry was playing. tapos nagtataka ko, yung mamang naka earphone sa harap ko, tawang tawa din. naka TMR din yun im sure, cause at the commercial break sabay kaming nagbalik to poker face, nyahaha. hands down to daddy christian, galing! 😀

  14. This was so sweet!!! 😀 Congratulations, Daddy Christian! You deserve it! Woot woot!!! 😀

    • This song was really funny. But you got me REALLY teary eyed daddy Christian. That was soooo sweet. Enjoy the concert! 🙂

  15. Yo.!

    That is the Most WEIRDEST, Most “What the heck?! But it’s very funny! XD”
    Kind of song I Ever Heard.

    I lalalooooooooooooooooooooooooove it.!


  16. When I heard the daddy sing, I was also smiling but at the same time crying. Akala ko nung una nababaliw ako or maybe it’s just my hormones (akala ko buntis ako) kaya masyado akong emotional. I just can’t imagine a dad (or my dad) doing something like this for their daughter. Iba talaga ang bond ng fathers and daughters. 🙂

  17. I have a class from 9-11AM, but the announcement came a bit late so I had to keep my earphones on while in class (Good thing, we just did a mock exam)! I was seated in front and my prof was looking at me because I couldn’t control my giggles and my awwws while listening to this “Daddy Daddy Daddy, JB, JB, JB Oh!” song.

    You and Del sounded a ‘lil biased, though, after this song was played and was being flooded out with comments. LOL But yea, I agree it’s pretty solid, and obviously a unanimous and popular choice.

  18. I was driving nung narinig ko eto kanina ang galing very inspiring ikaw na d best Dad!!!

  19. Baby Yesha, don’t be pasaway and be a good child….tingnan mo kung gaano ka kamahal ni Daddy Christian mo 🙂

  20. you are one cool dad, daddy Christian! nadaig mo si Zinger Zongwriter!

    check out the lyrics (after listening to it):


    O aking daddy, I know you care
    I shout whenever, and you’ll be there
    O daddy-lo, ang aking heart
    Ay mabo-broken if I never be a part

    Of Justin’s concert
    Dad it’s playin’
    We’re not friends, but what I’m saying
    I miss the concert, oh luha aking eyes
    Pag first love, di nakita sa May 9

    O daddy ko, daddy-daddy-oh
    daddy-daddy-oh, daddy-daddy-oh,
    tickets oh would still be mine (?)

    Baby ko, gagawin ko ang whatever
    But I just can’t afford that Justin Bieber
    Don’t wanna be uncool, but I can send you
    But I’ll do everything, sangla ang wedding ring
    1000 pisos, baby sorry
    Hanggang dito lang ang kaya ng iyong daddy
    Ang budget down, down, down, down
    Hindi ko mabili ang ticket sayo

    JB, JB, JB-ohhh, JB, JB, JB-ohhh,
    JB, JB, JB-ohhh,
    Kulang ating pambili

    LUGA(CRIS): When I was 13, wala pang JB
    Mga kanta ni Andrew E, nasa TV, ginagaya ko parati
    Paborito ko, “Say What”
    Ngayon, gamitin natin
    Wag kang mastarstruck
    Pag nag-rap ang ‘yong daddy
    Don’t say, “My dad sucks!”
    I need a Bieber sound
    I need a beat na naririnig sa treetop, sa school at playground
    At magrerecord tayo ng kanta sa weekend
    Submit natin sa Monster
    And with a little prayer
    Magkaka-ticket ka sa concert ng ‘yong Justin Bieber

    O daddy ko, daddy-daddy-oh
    daddy-daddy-oh, daddy-daddy-oh,
    tickets oh would still be mine (?)

    Yeaaah, yes (And now I’m gone)
    Yeaaah, yes (Oh baby, I’m done)

    Good luck baby.

  21. Was almost late for work because I didn’t want to go down from the car until the song ended. hahaha! Made my day yesterday 🙂

  22. cool daddy!! lucky girl! thanks TMR for making this little girl’s dream come true and for making daddy christian a hit!!! super loved his song! tama dinaig nya na ang zinger zongwriter. thank you specialist sa pagtitiyaga mong (pakinggan at) isulat ang lyrics. i hope they enjoyed the concert!! anything for JB!!!

  23. please please chico, post photos of Daddy Christian and Baby Yesha! What a Daddy’s Love! Amen!

  24. hahaha…really it was fun hearing such a wonderful dad singing his composition that made a winning piece only for the ticket…. oh i mean for the LOVE sa kanyang little angel, nice work DAD!!! di ka makaklimutan ng baby mo forever…

  25. Hi all, I’ve been reading all the tweets, comments since yesterday.


    (break it down!!!)

      • Hi Chico, I wish I can thank each and everyone of you personally. Here’s a simple video I made just tonight.. and again


        (break it down!!!)(with the LUGACHRIS feel)

    • Idol kita sir! I hope(if physically possible) gawin mong live! Sana makaattend na ako ng eb ng rushers!

      Congrats and I hope you had a great time with your daughter! Panalo talaga!

    • congratulations, daddy christian! 🙂 nice video as well! 🙂 yesha is uber cute!! 🙂

      i’m glad you both enjoyed the concert! 🙂

    • Wohoooo!!!! Idol!!!! Pag inaantok ako dito sa office pinapatugtog ko lang yung kanta mo nagigising na ko. Haha

  26. Ang cool! Tawa ako ng tawa pero, at the same time, parang may langgam ng kumakagat sa puso ko. Haha

    Palagay ko, kung hindi man sila nanalo kahapon, marami magdo-donate para makabili sila ng ticket… Kasama ako dun! =))

    Sana nag enjoy sila sa concert!

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  28. Sobrang kakaiyak because I can relate to daddy rapper. It’s really hard when you think about the things you cannot buy for your kids. Sigh! Ang hirap maging mahirap. When it comes to our kids, it breaks our hearts not being able to give them everything.

  29. haha, the song was so heartfelt but at the same time sobrang nakakatawa! haha, nice one rapper daddy! mas masaya sana kung me collaboration with the zinger zongwriter! whahahahahaha

  30. at first i thought it was pitchy and all around the place, but when it came to the rap part, i was so amazed and felt goosebumps ! Daddy’s the clear winner, you’re the man pops !

  31. Say what! Hands down, deserving winner talaga. Mukhang may close rival na ang zinger zongwriter, hehe

  32. WOW!!! outstanding dad…i hope Monster Radio will play this song this coming FATHERS’ DAY…very creative, and most especially, you can really feel through the father’s love in every lyrics of this composition…wherever you are, my sincerest congratulations and deepest appreciation…you rock! i hope you had a blast watching last night’s JB’s concert…

  33. Congrats to daddy rapper and his daughter! super funny and at the same time kakaiyak 🙂

    Zinger zongwriter and Daddy Rapper collaboration please!!

    • nasa bus ako pauwi nag madinig ko to sa monster radio…tawa talaga ako n tawa…Congrats daddy rapper…good job!

  34. Hands down to that daddy! :-bd Wish all the daddy’s can sing to JB’s tunes!

    How was the other entries, though? Can you post it too? 😀
    I had an entry hehehe. 😀

  35. LOL :DD Nakakatawa And nakakaiyaaak! Ang Cool Ni Daddy and ang swerte ni baby Yesha For having a dad like Him! :)) Im sure they enjoyed the concert last nyt.
    Cheers To RX and to Chico and Del! :)) You Guys are really awesome!

  36. I was listening to this and shared the sentiment of many others…that dad was super cool! Yesha’s one lucky girl…not because she got those VIP tickets, but because she’s got a dad like that Christian. Sweet!

  37. can you have at least a short interview with him on your show? that would be nice isn’t it? ^_^

  38. waaa!!I’m working night shift.. and so sleepy.. I checked your blog and listen to this cool loving daddy.. wow…!!!kakagising ng dugo.. d ko alam kung bakit ako tumatawa pero naiiyak at the same time…. kaingit ka..hope to have a daddy like that..

  39. Chico, please do let us know kung may collaboration album si Lugacris and the Zinger-zong writer! I’ll have my friends support your album! 😉

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  41. congratulations once again, daddy christian! glad you enjoyed the concert! cool video as well! ang cute ni Yesha! 🙂


  43. “Pag nag-rap ang ‘yong daddy
    Don’t say, “My dad sucks!””
    fave part!!*LOL*
    daddy christian r0cks!!

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  45. grabe ang galing nito. I was walking on my way to the office nang tinanong ako ng guard kung bakit ako napatigil sa gate. I just said ‘shhhhhh! kumakanta si Bieber!’ I am not a fan though. Nakakatuwa lang talaga ang contest na ito. Congrats!

  46. i agree with @hangingbridge…sana may post concert interview sina daddy christian a.k.a. lugacris and baby yesha! again, congratulations! \m/

  47. it’s a must…there should be a collaboration of lugachris and zinger zongwriter…
    ~congrats! to the winner…deserving!

  48. I had goosebumps while listening to this fellow! It’s really amazing to see what a father’s love can do. Congratulations!

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