5 comments on “I Love You…Harry Potter

  1. Chico! I’m with you on HP7. I can’t wait for Molly to tell off Bellatrix! I wish July would come faster.

  2. I also can’t wait to watch HP7.2 but Subject: I Love You looks like it really might be interesting. Briana Evigan is just so hot. It really is an international cast!

  3. I saw Jericho Rosales and Dante basco featured in TMZ this weekend. It was actually nice to see that Filipinos are making a splash in the international scene. although they only knew of Dante basco, it was surprising to see Jericho hanging out with him while the TMZ cast were asking if certain celebs were Filipino or not. ( Nichole z, rob Schneider etc.) they made it into a quiz thing and

  4. HP7 part 2 is the movie to watch for. I hope I can catch it in 3D.I can’t wait. The trailer gives me shivers.

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