22 comments on “The Script Live In Manila!

    • *puts Exit Wounds on repeat*

      I have to echo your sentiments on Exit Wounds and also Walk Away. I also was pleasantly surprised that they played Dead Man Walking.

      And…ermm…how about Rusty Halo??? It’s the perfect stadium song!! Galing!!

  1. I actually wanted them to sing Exit Wounds and Live Like We’re Dying too! But anyway, it was a great show nonetheless. I was practically singing my heart out from start to finish (esp when they performed Science and Faith). Up Next: SWITCHFOOT!

  2. I’m still hung over this! I practically sang the whole concert with them. Did you use an SLR? I was supposed to bring mine, but brought a crappy digicam instead. 😦

  3. Danny was so nice and accommodating!

    We were hanging out at the bar of the hotel he was staying last weekend when he walked in and had a couple of drinks. We knew he was tired already but he gamely posed when we asked for some pictures with him.

    Such a sweet guy. 😀

  4. i watched them here in sydney where they played at a venud with only 5k capacity. they were at awesome! i war waiting for exit wounds too!! hayy..

  5. been there and love lahat ng songs nila. tama ka chico it would be best sana if his voice was not drowned out by the crowd. it feels like yung audience ang nagcoconcert eh

  6. funny but it seems i was more starstruck by you guys. haha

    really enjoyed the show and the crowd’s energy. while the band was preparing, ‘just the way you are’ was played. and instantly a lot of us screamed, “andito si bruno maaaaars!” hahaha hanlalakas lang mangtrip. crazy crazy crowd. loved it. =)

  7. i was literally crying the ENTIRE time that they are singing “Nothing”… and i almost got myself knocked-out when i realize i wasn’t breathing normally singing and shouting with their songs….

    the script is the band that can’t be moved from my heart.

  8. almost cried as well when they sang “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” such overwhelming experience indeed!

    Hope they return soon :))

  9. it gave me goosebumps!! when the crowd start singing the man who cant be moved, nothing, for the first time and breakeven –> awesome band + awesome crowd = EPIC!!!

    i hope they come back and sing exit wounds and long gone and moved on!! \m/

  10. Ahaha another memorable time was when after the national anthem was sang, everyone was so excited screaming for the Script to come out and be seen for the first time…when suddenly a justin Beiber song was played loudly…ahaha the excited shouts immediately drained down. And instantly shifted to puzzling dissapointed fainting shouts. ahahaha then most people just laughed. And asked “Mali ba tau ng mapuntahan??” hehehehe.
    Enjoyed the concert! awesome crowd…sana nga na kanta ung Live Like We’re Dying. 🙂

  11. I am sooo happy because I got to see them live. Aside from Lifehouse and The Fray, they are the band that I must see before I die, so am soo happy to see them!! I LOVE If You Ever Come Back and Nothing!! + their stories!! hahaha

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