11 comments on “My Everyday Project

  1. ay bongga ang eyebags mo chico! be proud of it, pinagpuyatan mo din yan hehehehe. pero inferness mas guapo ka kay noah. tseng!

  2. woah..this noah guy got some discipline! show the world you got it too chico. we’ll look forward to your movie next yr. i wonder what your background song wud be. nuninuninu!

    the iphone guy must have timed his snapshots during snacks..or he cud be documenting how much weight his snacks is adding on him. hehehe!

  3. bought the app, too! thanks for the heads up, chico! i’m so excited to see how long i can keep this up. hihihi!

  4. .. it will be more dramatic if it shows the calendar days on the wall… so you’ll know what day/month that the picture was taken…

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