4 comments on “The Top Ten Quotes On Heaven And Hell

  1. I once read a passage entitle: Face to Face with Heaven and Hell. It says that the situation in heaven and hell are the same. Both have a big bowl of food in the middle. People in both places have arms attached with spoons twice as long as their arms. In hell, people are crying because they can’t feed themselves even if they get food through the spoons–the long handles are too long to reach their own mouths. However, in heaven, people are happy and peacefully feeding one another. =)

  2. i just wanna sing, “imagine there’s no heaven… no hell below us, bove us only sky” 😉 some of the entries are so true, it makes you smile and cringe at he same time…

  3. the one thing i remember about this top ten is that of miguel’s visit at RX….. and delle losing her voice at that time….and her losing her voice nearly overshadowed the top ten being suggested by RCandCess. in fairness, i’ve enjoyed the top ten, hence i got to download the podcast of it and played it again and again 🙂

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